Room Service Deliveries , With Free Giveaways!

I'm sure everyone has tried the delivery services of McDonalds, Domino's Pizza, and Pizza Hut before. Isn't it convenient that hot and delicious food is just a phone call away? Well, today I'm going to share this cool delivery service I've just found recently. It's called Room Service Deliveries, and with just a phone call to 1300-886-886, we can order from over 80 restaurants and countless dishes to be delivered direct to our doorsteps. Nando's, Chilis, Kenny Rogers, even Starbucks are included in the list. How cool is that?

Room Service Deliveries

Just a quick background on this company, Room Service Deliveries was founded in 2003, and is South East Asia's leading restaurant delivery service. Now the service has come to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

In order to make an order from Room Service Deliveries, it's just a simple step of calling the number 1300-886-886 or by visiting their website at  Their service are available from 11am - 11pm daily, to be delivered to homes and offices. With a minimum order of RM20, the order's delivery time is guaranteed when mentioned by the customer service during ordering, and if Room Service Deliveries can't make it, delivery fee is waived! Check out their delivery zones below.

Delivery Areas

Currently Room Service Deliveries is running this cool campaign. Check out the banner below, along with instructions on how to join it.

Guess what, if you have managed to read until this point, please be informed I have three (3) free RM20 gift vouchers to be used for this service and am planning to give it out to my beloved readers. Yes, you read that right, a Giveaway!!  Bear in mind it’s for folks who live in the Klang Valley only. Do leave a comment on why you want the vouchers if you wish to have it, and you might just get it! It won’t be a contest or anything, but I do hope the comments are interesting! My plan is to give it away by end of this week itself.

Do check out the links below for more information on Room Service Deliveries.

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  1. hahaha gam dou dak? Actually had heard about this long time ago. But it is only in KL last time :) thanks for sharing

  2. Ev @ yenniedoll11:39 AM

    wow, not bad. Good for me because can order anything but never try before. Hmmmmmm...

  3. Smallkucing12:24 PM

    :( my area not included

  4. i want to enjoy decent meal deliver at my door step with a call thus more quality time with my families

  5. Wah! Send to you room kah? Wink! Wink! LOL!!

  6. I wan I wan I wan but...ooops not living in the Valley but near River..lolz. Heard about this service infact I have been a 'delivery man' a few times accompany my sister-in-law to deliver the food. Great way to learn KL routes too *those days no GPS yet* and to know what is life as a delivery person. Its a tough stressful job especially when you need to rush and her greatest headache is going to MidValley with all the Jams and parking problem. She is good knows the way inside out upside down and most of her colleagues would call her when they got lost.


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