iPhone USB Speaker

Music Angel, when I first read this name on the packaging, I thought to myself "what a corny name". What is it? Well, my partner brought back this complimentary gift from her company today, and it so happened to be an iPhone USB speaker which also doubles as a charger. Music Angel shall have the honour of being my first ever iPhone USB speaker.

Music Angel
The speakers

So what can this new baby do? For starters it can amplify the music from my iPhone filling my room with whatever music I wish to play from my iPhone. On top of that, it doubles as a bedside charger for my phone. This product isn't the best in the market, and I don't expect it to be, seeing it was just a complimentary gift but it'll suffice to satisfy my need for some bedside music.

Connectivity options, which includes a USB and micro SD slot

The first thing I did was to test it out. The connections were fairly simple, with only 2 wires. The first wire connecting from the iPhone headphone jack to Music Angel's "Line in". The second wire will supply power to Music Angel via USB to the laptop or PC. A few clicks here and there, and Voila! I was listening to some sweet songs from My FM radio station streamed directly from the phone!

Streaming My FM station

For the record, the speakers specification is as below.

* Output: RMS 6W (3W+3W) THD=10%
* Frequency response: 150-18000HZ (+/-3dB)
* Signal and Noise Ratio of Power Amplifier >80dB
* Loud speaker: 1.77inch (external diameter 45mm) magnetic resistant 4Ohms
* Line in: configure 3.5mm stereo's plug
* Power supply: 5V/1000mA

Now let's see how long this novelty shall last before I find the need to get a better iPhone speaker.


  1. hildamilda9:40 PM

    It look so cool in blue! :P

  2. hildamilda9:41 PM


  3. Smallkucing9:58 PM


  4. Smallkucing, :P cool in blue. Lol

  5. Hilda, yes it does i guess. Wife was telling me there was a choice of blue, black silver and pink. I guess black may have looked cooler.

  6. Eh awesome!!!

  7. Submerryn10:29 PM

    Eh cool wei! I have iPhone yet I don't listen to music from it oso.. malu-fying! must go for a crash course on how to best utilise my fon!

  8. Reanact10:48 PM

    wahhh..new blue baby at home! your partner sure knows what you like, eh... :)

  9. that's a very nice sleeky little gadget, and besides iPhone i also saw a microSD card, i supposed it can also play music from the card?? and it's a free gift somemore, who wouldn't want it?? :p

  10. Alientan11:35 PM

    waa! bluu-iishhh gadget weii! awesome! =D

  11. wow..that's nice and canggih!

  12. Jfook, as awesome as you bro!

  13. Merryn, Hehe, sometimes we can stream radio channels from it if we have a data plan attached to the phone. :) I can give you the crash course! haha

  14. Claire, yes she does! And I love her for it! :)

  15. SK, thanks again for dropping by my humble blog. you're right, there's a microSD card slot, meaning we can play music direct from the card itself. :) Now I shall hop over to your blog. Hehe

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