Hennessy Artistry 2011 Opera Sunway

Thanks to Hennessy, I've managed to get 2 invites to this cool event Hennessy Artistry 2011 held at Opera, Sunway for a night of Hennessy overdose. My date for the night, was of course my beautiful partner, Janice. After picking up a couple of blogger friends, we reached the venue just in time to register via the media/blogger counter.

hennessy Artistry 2011
The venue, which was already packed by the time I was there
hennessy Artistry 2011
Registration Counter

For further information on this event, do check out my previous pre-event writeup on it here. Hennessy Artistry 2011 First Edition Coming Up !

Of course, I was all hyped up because there were so many familiar faces and also I got the chance to meet many new blogger friends. We were given our futuristic RFID wrist tag which purportedly can directly connect our information to Facebook when we scan it at the various counters. See below.

hennessy Artistry 2011
Some hi-tech RFID wrist tag

The party got underway really fast. I found the Hennessy mixing counter really interesting, as Hennessy after being mixed with either apple, berry, citrus, or ginger, tasted fantastic and sweet! No wonder the tagline read Hennessy Artistry: The Global Art Of Mixing!

hennessy Artistry 2011
Hennessy Mixing Counter manned by beautiful ladies

Being the awesome bloggers that we were, photos came first, and cameras were caught snapping away to capture the night. I myself manage to capture a few, but because it wasn't very bright on the dance floor, I shall be borrowing some pictures from my friends, with credits of course! Do check out some photos of us that night!

hennessy Artistry 2011
The Stage, pic credited to Jun Fook
hennessy Artistry 2011
The floor that night taken from the upper floors
hennessy Artistry 2011
My dearest, Janice
hennessy Artistry 2011
Rebecca and I
hennessy Artistry 2011
Pic credited to Jun Fook: From L-R: Wilee, Tony, Me, Janice
hennessy Artistry 2011
Jun Fook and I
hennessy Artistry 2011
Happy us, pic credited to Henry Tan: Back L-R: Henry Tan, Me, Li Chuen, Henry Lee, Penny, Shii Teck. Front L-R: Carmen, Sherry, Iris, Jun Fook

I would be lying if I said the event went smoothly. There were a few gripes I had about the event, namely the heat, free flow of drinks stopped at 11pm, and a few others. Anyway, I enjoyed the company of fellow bloggers, and that's what makes the world go round ! Until the next event!


Edmend Koh said...

Fuiyohh u so segak that night hahaha :D

toninkush said...

wow i realise i didnt take that many photos that night huh

Jolyn said...

u guys look sweaty XD

Isaac Tan said...

Tony, yea bro, but i made sure I got the picture of you to post up here!!

Isaac Tan said...

Kian Fai, hahaha, can i say "Biasalah!!" Kidding!

Isaac Tan said...

Jolyn, LOL, not really lor, they stopped the free flow at 11pm, but still got to do some moving though.

tehtarikmemoirs said...

dang it i want to be there too!


suituapui said...

Did you drink and drive?

Reanact said...

wow.. a social night.. looking at these, i really miss all these fun when i was young!

Submerryn said...

U married an under age girl :P

tekkaus said...

Ouh....the wrist tag is used for what? So high tech? :p

Shiok Leng said...

*Jealous* Hahahaha! =P Damn nice! Looks like tons of fun!

Eugeneung said...

Lu tok hou lah,, can go party this class class one without paying,somemore can bring partner lagi, i betul betul jelos,, lol.

next time i go KL and you take me ok

Isaac Tan said...

Shah, you're at most events already! But it would have been lovely to see you there too! :)

Isaac Tan said...

STP, oh noes, I'm sorry .. I did drink a bit. Still sober though when I drove up Genting Highlands after that

Isaac Tan said...

Claire, we can have fun too without all the clubbing and stuff. For example your penang gathering! It was fun ya!

Isaac Tan said...

Merryn, She's not underage, in fact she's exactly like you. Looking very young for the age! XD

Isaac Tan said...

Tekkaus, it's suppose to be a radio frequency identification tag, where once scanned in will connect directly to our facebook accounts. Didn't work as expected though, with lots of issues.

Isaac Tan said...

Shiok Leng, don't worry, plenty more of fun times to be had together! XD

Isaac Tan said...

Eugene, if i have the chance, for sure will bring you. Problem is, I rarely go clubbing in KL. :)