Femme Fatale Super GT Party

Following up on my post on the upcoming Japan Super GT Kuala Lumpur 2011 , I've just got even bigger news for you! This coming 18th June 2011, the Femme Fatale Super GT Party is coming to town, and everyone has got a chance to attend this. The party will be held at Sepang Circuit itself from 8pm - 2am.

Official Promo Poster

Femme Fatale Super GT Party would be the first largest outdoor Super GT Party featuring DJ Mayumi, No.1 DJ from Japan, the most seductive HK popular actress and DJ Chrissie Chau together with her fellow pretty comrades from Hong Kong.

All armed with looks to die for, they will be in Sepang International Circuit to spin the latest R&B and hip hop music as a new group to be known as 'Girls DJ Alliance', the first of its kind in Asia! Do not miss this opportunity to party with the hottest girls from the East.

Are there food and drinks made available? Fret not, as during the party, food and drinks are provided. We then reach the part on the ticket pricing, check them out below!

Ticket Price: 
RM50  (1 pax) with one Spritzer Mineral Water (pre-sale price RM30 till 30th May 2011)
VIP RM80 (1 pax) with one drink (pre-sale price RM50 till 30th May 2011)
VVIP RM800 Table with drinks (6 pax)

Tickets will be on sale from 25th May 2011 onwards at 

Ticket Pro: +603-7880799 (www.ticketpro.com.my)
Tickets are also available for sale at Pavilion Taxi Stand

Vera: +6012-4422353
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GT-Party/162645293800429

This event is brought to you by Levot Entertainment and JPM Motorsport in conjunction with the Super GT Series to be held at Sepang International Circuit.

So what are you waiting for? If you're going for the Super GT Race, then you won't want to miss this party! Get the tickets while they're still available.


  1. Hahaha Kyril is right.. I know most guys would love to attend this! "Hot chicks" fest indeed! :) Hot babes and cars mesh so well.. like peanut and butter. LOL! 

  2. so many chicks eh, some1 will envy HAHAH!

  3. I want to go and see the babes! LOL

  4. guys surely would love to attend this~ xD


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