Experience Vietnam At Le Meridien KL

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited for this food demonstration and tasting at Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The hotel will be having a one week Experience Vietnam food menu at their in-house restaurant "Latest Recipe" showcasing Vietnamese finest food from 16th May to 22nd May 2011.

The three Vietnamese Chefs

Upon reaching the place, we were introduced to the Le Meridien’s Executive Chef, Chef Antoine Rodriguez. In return he introduced to us the 3 Vietnamese Guest Chefs who were brought in from Sheraton Saigon to prepare the food. They're a bunch of really friendly chefs.

Introductory speech

I was intrigued with the environment as these extraordinary chef was going to whip up 3 exquisite Vietnamese dishes right in front of us. In fact I was so impressed by the way they manage to cook up these dishes that I'm going to share the recipe with all of you below, and the photos which I managed to capture.

Our drink to quench our thirst while the chefs cook
3 dishes were introduced, namely Grilled Beef wrapped with Fragrant Leaves, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls and Sticky Rice With Green Bean Filling and Ginger Syrup. Let us start off with the first dish.

#1. Grilled Beef Wrapped With Fragrant Leaves

The ingredients
400g minced beef
100g beef fat
50pcs La lot leaves
1tsp minced farlic (chopped)
1tsp lemon grass (finely chopped)

1. Mix all ingredients together
2. Place the leaf, arrange approx 10g of mixture onto the leaf, tightly roll the filling in the Lot leaf to form a spring roll shape
I love his expression.. 3. Place 2-3pcs on a skewer and pan fry each side for one minute until cooked.
Voila! The finished product. Tasted great too!

Do bear with me for the next two dishes. I took quite a lot of photos, and it will be a waste not using it right? So let us continue with the 2nd dish.

#2. Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

20 rice paper sheets
80g butter lettuce
25g Vietnamese herbs
70g Julienne carrot
200g fresh rice vermicelli
190g x 20pcs peeled prawns (halved)

1. Moisten rice paper, roll firmly the ingredients to form spring roll
2. Arrange the prawns nicely on last part of rice paper with the cooked red side facing outwards.
Our finished product!

#3. Sticky Rice Dumpling with Green Bean Filling and Ginger Syrup

400g sticky rice flour
100g tapioca flour
200g green bean (no skin), steamed and mashed
100g coconut milk, salt, sugar
500g sugar
100g sliced ginger

1. Mix water, sticky rice flour and tapioca flour together, add the mash green beans with coconut and roll into small balls
2. Boil sugar, ginger and rice dumplings. Serve with coconut sauce on top.
This is some delicious "tang yuan" I kid you not!
So there you have it, my first recipe sharing session on my blog. Yup, there's always a first time for everything and I'm glad this food demonstration session gave me such valuable insight on how Vietnamese dishes can be churned out in so few steps. I did take a picture of the media and bloggers capturing the cooking process. Cameras snapping, everyone was so intent on capturing the best pictures, just check it out below.

Snap snap snap, the food were the main stars
A group picture with the chefs and some of the bloggers who attended.

So if you are in town this week, and would like to experience some fine Vietnamese cuisine, do drop by Le Meridien.

“Experience Vietnam”
(16 May – 22 May, 2011)
Latest Recipe @ Le Meridien
2, Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Buffet RM118++ per adult & RM59++ per child


  1. hildamilda10:57 PM

     Gplus+ event huh? (: The spring rolls look nice!

  2.  Yummy food <3 

  3.  Hilda, it was one of the food tasting introduced by @TheElwyn , i'm not in Gplus+ unfortunately :(

  4. I was simply helping a friend. The guy you should be thanking is Damian. He made this happen for bloggers.  

  5.  Yup! Thanks to Damian too! :)

  6.  the bloggers there must be those with super high analytics.. haha :) great write up, isaac! cooking ain't easy!

  7.  great! I like vietnam food!

  8.  Wow...your shrimps look real good. :D

  9.  I love his expression too. It's like he was saying, "Yeah! Now I am a celebrity!" :p

  10. Winneelim1:48 AM

     Grand~i hope i have the chance to visit too..^^ 

  11.  Probably cheaper to fly there using the cheap airline...and eat the authentic stuff. These five-star hotels, don't play-play.

  12. Smallkucing8:46 AM

    so now you can make these or not?

  13.  good write up, Isaac. so nice to have such interesting events for bloggers esp in KL. envy envy.  So r u planning to make one of these recipes you shared here? looking forward to your post about it!

  14.  so now u can make for ur wifey dy!! :p

  15. Alice Law9:57 PM

    Wah... you are indeed very luck!!! Look at the pricing, a big wow for me!^^

  16.  I thought u r the chef tim so details. :P

  17.  Mag! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Woot! I'm so happy you came. Yup, the food was yummy to say the least!

  18.  Eli, all except me! with low low analytics .. hahaha. Thanks for the nice words :P

  19.  Wenn, it's delicious! :P

  20. tekkaus it is bro.. really very fresh! Hotel food, they put the best in it. Haha

  21.  @tekkaus:twitter Wahahaha you're right. If so many cameras were directed at me, I think I will have the exact same expression Hahaha

  22.  Winnee, sure got chance. No worries!

  23.  STP, you're probably right, but the air fare more expensive. Its normal for hotel buffet in KL to cost around rm100+ That's why you don't see me dining in hotels often :P

  24.  Smallkucing, Hehe, i wish I could. Will try though. But maybe a simple Malaysian Popiah! Wahaha

  25.  Sui YIng, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! Appreciate it. Btw you're not in KL now?

    Lol, i might not be trying these recipes. Not a cooking type of person. Hehe

  26. Caroline, Hahaha. em, can i get her to make for me? :P

  27.  Alice, Its a WOW for me too. But i think 5 star hotels buffet are always around this price. ><

  28.  Joshua, hey there!! Thanks for dropping by. You're the best!

    Nope, i was just snapping away with the camera. Ask me cook, and everyone will run away! Haha

  29. Rebecca12:26 PM

    Lovely! I love Viet food! So for sure the whole buffet will be only Vietnamese food & nothing like those International buffets? cos sometimes it's a mix of everything, then it wont be Viet buffet right? cos I'm not paying that amt for an international buffet with mee goreng, lamb chops & pasta thrown in!

  30. hello Isaac, i'm YYTDH from penang ^^ 
    Sui Ying is my real name.. sorry for the confusion cuz i dun really know how to post comment using DISQUS..


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