Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Launched !

Have you heard of Astro Hitz Spin Master? Well, it's this very hyped up and talked about DJ Competition which was kicked off last night at a launching at Phuture, Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur. This would be the 2nd year Malaysia's only televised DJ competition runs, hence the name Astro Hitz Spin Master 2! I was fortunate enough to be invited to check out this cool launching.

Astro Spin Master 2!

We reached Zouk pretty early before the launching, and managed to check out the whole area before the big stars came in. At around 8pm, Elwyn, Melissa, and YY joint us for the event. Carmen and partner came in later in the night. I was fortunate enough to meet up with some media folks as well as some other invited bloggers. It's always good to meet up with new people, and I enjoy the feeling a lot.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Backdrop
Spin Master 2 Banner

The judges as well as invited DJs

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 kicked off with a short session hosted by Joey G, together with the DJ judges for the competition. We had DJ Blink, DJ Goldfish, DJ Gabriel, previous Spin Master champion DJ Reeve, and channel manager of Astro Hitz Cheong Cheng-Vei discuss their experiences from the previous year. Some really cool videos were played and the grand prize of Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 was revealed. This years champion wins an all expense paid trip to London to spin a personal slot at the prestigious "Gallery" at the Ministry of Sound London!

All stars

Of course, yours truly was as usual very interested with the food catered for the media and bloggers. It was finger food mostly, but food nevertheless. I managed to get one picture of the food, so bear with me. Check out the pictures of the food served that night, as well as one group picture of a section of the bloggers who attended the night.

Tart like food, roasted chicken wings, fried popiahs, potato wedges
Simple Fried Rice

Auditions will take place at Zouk Club, Kuala Lumpur on 15 and 16 May 2011. After the auditions, clips of the contestants spinning will be placed on Youtube for viewers to vote. The top 16 finalists [8 chosen by judges, and 8 more via online votes] will then go into the next round for more battles!

To view and select the 8 finalists, you can vote online between 19 May and 2 June. More details are available on . Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 episodes will air on Astro Hitz channel 705, every Wednesday from June 8 2011 onwards at 3.30pm. For updated screening times, do check it from .


  1. supia3:02 AM

    Tart like food is something new.

  2. You're joining? happening lah you nowadays! Zouk no less! Never been there... Too old liao! LOL!!!

  3. Eugeneung9:46 AM

    Wa, bro you are a socialite already lol,, getting invites to all these happening events and places,,, good good, but i jelos betul,, may be orang tua no invite leh...

    chill bro, have a great weekend and god bless

  4. Supia, I'm not sure why, but a lot of club or launching events, they have these type of tart like food. I still don't know the exact name yet. ><

  5. STP, haha, I'm not a DJ so will not be joining this competition. A blogger friend invited me to attend this event, because after the event, we could hang around Zouk for a free entrance to the party! haha. :) Actually, this was my first time going into Zouk ><" I'm not as happening as you think I am bro.

  6. Eugene, seriously I'm not. I just like to go for cool events as it serves as an avenue for me to release work stress. XD I disagree with orang tua no invite.. Bro, I'm orang tua also already! Haha.

    You have a superb weekend as well ya! God bless.

  7. Smallkucing11:41 AM

    Paiseh..never heard of this before. Hehehe...thanks for the info :p

  8. Alice Law9:54 PM

    Roasted chicken wings, yum!! Cool event but I still prefer the food they catered 100X! LOL!

  9. Wow great spinners to spin around with haha..

  10. cool event! haha the foods served not bad la i guess. ;)

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