Wong Kok Kitchen Prangin Mall Penang

Wong Kok Kitchen, now this franchise is a familiar name in Malaysia, and it so happened that I dropped by one of its restaurant outlet in Prangin Mall, Penang with my family last weekend. We were quite tired from all the shopping done so any restaurant with a comfy atmosphere with nice seats was welcomed immediately.

Wong Kok Kitchen
Wong Kok Kitchen Prangin Mall

I found the location of Wong Kok Kitchen quite unique as it was a hanging structure on the 3rd floor with an open overhead space. My father was quite worried that someone from the upper floors would throw something down and hit us. I informed him the chances of it happening were low as the upper floors grills were far away from where we were sitting.

Wong Kok Kitchen
Hong Kong like Menu
Wong Kok Kitchen
The menu which were quite confusing at times

One thing I have to note, the menus that came to us were in so many pieces that we were so confused and did not know what to order. Coupled with the fact that the meals had promotions which if we were to add a further RM 4.90 we would be getting a drink, soup and dessert. Confusing as hell but we managed to order eventually. Check out some of the pictures I managed to snap of our meal that night.

Wong Kok Kitchen
Grilled Pork Chop Meal - RM 10.50
Wong Kok Kitchen
Grilled Pork Chop with Spaghetti - RM 10.50
Wong Kok Kitchen
Japanese Curry Fried Rice - RM 6.50
Wong Kok Kitchen
Luncheon Meat with Fried Egg Rice - RM 9.50
Wong Kok Kitchen
Chinese Tea - RM 1.40

I'm going to show what are we got for RM 4.90 add-on (the drink, soup and dessert). It was quite worth it as we saved on the cost of the drinks. Check it out below.
Wong Kok Kitchen
Iced Milo (included in the RM 4.90 add-on)
Wong Kok Kitchen
Chinese Soup (included in the RM 4.90 add-on)
Wong Kok Kitchen
Dessert, ice cream with cake (included in the RM 4.90 add-on)
Wong Kok Kitchen
Iced Milk Tea (included in the RM 4.90 add-on)

Overall it was a good meal, but I was kind of disappointed with the taste of the food. Somehow the food does not live up to the standards that Penang Food has attained. Also, the tables were rather cramped. There were 5 of us at the table, but I keep hitting the leg of my brother who was sitting immediately in front of me. To sum it up, good meal, not great, filling but not satisfying.

Wong Kok Kitchen
Wong Kok Kitchen Ambience

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Li Ping Pua said...

LOL Kim Gary Restaurant's menu also like that wan... so many pieces u dunno wanna see which 1 first

jfook said...

I like the iced Milo photo which appears two times haha. And also the ice cream photo. Why Penang's Wong Kok seems like serving larger portion than the one in KL? Sob sob. haha

Reanact said...

wow..u always enjoy good food, Isaac!

supia said...

Why the Chinese tea so dark colour one? Remind me of the extreme bitter herbal tea. And why the ice cream look more like a pau than an ice cream? And the cake is rather dry. The soup also look like leftover. And that sausage in your grill pork chop with spaghetti look like hangus already. And the egg in the gril pork chop meal, the egg yolk smeared, so unappealing. Judging from the photos itself, I can say that its kinda below average. And I hate restaurant that serve drinks with disposable plastic cup, look rather cheap. Even normal Chinese restaurant serve in ceramic cup or plastic cup.
Sometimes it makes me think that those rather expensive chain restaurant, franchise or what ever don't have quality food just overly promoted.

Isaac Tan said...

Supia, actually you're right! Wahahaha, I wasn't exactly impressed with this restaurant. But what to do, it was either this, or fast food chains such as KFC or McD.. Haha. If it was up to me, I wanted to walk outside to the coffeeshops for my char kuey teow with duck eggs, but parents were too tired and we just stopped by the nearest.

Anyway I dont think the soup was really leftovers! LOL.

Isaac Tan said...

Claire, it's not really very good, but yea we headed for the closest restaurant available. :)

Isaac Tan said...

Li Ping, I find it kind of annoying at times. They should keep it simple. hehe

Isaac Tan said...

Jfook, I thought the ones in KL are big portion as well? Btw I prefer Kim Gary to Wong Kok.. hehehe. When want to belanja me! :P

Smallkucing said...

I think I saw this shop in Ipoh too. Looks like they are expanding to everywhere

suituapui said...

Aiyor...if I go to Penang, I would hit the hawker stalls and enjoy the hawker food...or the nasi kandar/mamak shops (We don't have them here!). I would not want to go to places like this, in KL maybe. Food looks good though...and not expensive.

clarisseteagen said...

Lol. Now i'm hungry.

tekkaus said...

Honestly bro. Everything looked pretty normal. Hmm...perhaps because of the presentation?

Jamie Yap said...

wow! this place is dinosaur! i remember going when I was in college like 2002 or 2003! but i still prefer Kim Gary though :P

Caroline May Ling said...

the foods look good tho! especially the luncheon meat w fried egg!! >.<

Alice Law said...

Wow... such scrumptious spread of western foodie! Worth it to bits lar the RM4.90 add on, got ice cream and cake some more!^^

Isaac Tan said...

Smallkucing, you're right! They ARE everywhere! Hehe. I still prefer other eateries though

Isaac Tan said...

STP, hehehe, poor me didn't really have the time to enjoy penang food this time around. Coz only 2 days. :(

Isaac Tan said...

Clarisse, thanks for dropping by. I'm always hungry! LOL

Isaac Tan said...

Tekkaus, normal as in? :) It was OK la the place.

Isaac Tan said...

Jamie Yap, Hello there! What's your blog url that I can return visit? Oh you used to study in Penang? Yup, this restaurant was there like forever.

Isaac Tan said...

Caroline, it looks good, but taste was not there. :) Still boleh makan lo. Hehe

Isaac Tan said...

Alice, Thanks again and again for dropping by! You're the best!. The RM4.90 was good, but the ice cream was too small, the same goes for the cake. LOL.