Our World, Their War

Come this July 2011, an epic movie is going to hit our shores. The third installment of Transformers will be coming to a cinema near you and its titled Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, and I'm really excited to catch this blockbuster movie!

Movie Poster Of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Nuffnang is organizing a contest together with GSC-Eon Credit Card for an opportunity to win a couple of movie passes to the premiere of this movie. More details on the contest will be explained further down below.

Option A: Tell us how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character you would like to transform into to protect the world.

Cool, an opportunity to transform into my favourite Autobot of all time, who else but the all yellow, all cool Bumblebee! No prizes in guessing which Autobots character I choose to transform into.

True to the fictional character from the movie, my course of action to protect the world from the Decepticons would be to work closely with my teammates the Autobots in going heads on for an epic battle. However Bumblebee has always been the one to go solo as his character reflects his good nature and willingness to serve and protect. 

Of course, with my supercool transformers karate moves, the Decepticons don't stand a chance!  To protect and to serve is my middle name!

Isaac Tan the "Bumblebee" Camaro would go all out to protect Earth's citizen by ferrying all bloggers to safety in cool sportscar fashion! Bloggers are prioritized, on top of women and childrens because they would be the people to shape our future!

Well, just check out some of the pictures I manage to capture of this beautiful Camaro SS Bumblebee Car from the recent KL International Motor Show 2010, and you'll know why I chose Bumblebee to be my perfect Transformer!

Camaro "Bumblebee" SS
Complete with Autobots emblems!
Check out these cool Autobots emblem on my wheels!

As promised, on top of the "Our World, Their War" blogging contest, GSC-Eon Credit Card is holding 2 other concurrent contests ("Protect or Destroy", and "Heroes Who Change Our Lives") to win some exclusive prizes. Just check out their website and facebook page as below to join!

GSC-EON Bank Credit Card website at http://www.gsc-eonbankcard.com
Ultimate Movie Card Facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/TheUltimateMovieCard

The contest page!

I leave you with the trailer and a few pictures from this awesome upcoming movie Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. 

A huge kickass robot from the movie!
Heroes alongside the Autobots!


  1. Lets Hope we get this! =D

  2. Kian Fai, Yea bro! Hope so too, but I don't put my hopes too high because I guess a lot of bloggers would be joining it as well. :)

  3. 3rd one? Did not even see the 1st two. LOL!!! Nice car...can only dream lah! Sobs!!!

  4. air_canada3673:08 PM

    Short, smart & simple! Hope I could come up with something later too. -toninkush

  5. Jemsen7:50 PM

    Good Luck! ;D

  6. always the fastest 1..:p good luck bro!

  7. You wanna be bumbleebee? :p Hehe.

  8. Good luck Isaac! XD simple is always the way for the best..

  9. Reanact9:57 PM

    I never been to events like this before! :)

  10. Alice Law11:03 PM

    Best of luck Issac! ^^

  11. STP, thats because I haven't joint the 1st 2 contests yet!

    yep, it's a beautiful car, why then you think I want to be bumblebee! Hwahaha

  12. Tony, For sure you can come up with one, and it's going to be awesome!!

  13. Caroline, Thank you! Appreciate it!

  14. Jemsen, Thank you. And thanks also for dropping by my blog!

  15. MsMiaos, Thank you sis! Hehe, I appreciate you coming over here and supporting me ya,

  16. Tekkaus, yup, or more precisely I want to become bumblebee to join this contest to get the free movie tickets! Lol!!

  17. Eli, Thank you for your support ya. I'm sure you will come up with an entry thats much more cooler!

  18. Claire, oh, it's actually more of a free movie premiere screening than an event. But yea, I love going for this because we get free movie tickets and also get to meet up with fellow bloggers. The feeling you get when you're in a cinema full of bloggers is rather unique I would say.

  19. Alice, Thank you very much! And thanks for dropping by today!

  20. nurmisnan5:40 PM

    hello brother.... gd luck to u
    tak sempat nak join..


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