Sucker Punch Premiere Screening

Omg, no matter what people say about this movie, after watching it, I like it. No, not for the storyline, maybe slightly for the 3D-ish fight scenes, but I like it for the artistic flair and fluidity of the camera and colors of this movie! It felt like an art show on display with the camera panning, and the colors, sometimes vivid, sometimes pale. The movie sort of reminded me of "300" for the art, "Inception" for the storyline, and "Resident Evil" for the 3D fantasy fight scenes!

Sucker Punch!

Anyway I got this free movie screening thanks to Nuffnang, and it was held at GSC 1 Utama. This time around, I was pretty late for the dinner with bloggers before the movie due to unforeseen circumstances. But I did manage to crash in during the final 20minutes of the dinner.

Special thanks to Jayren for helping me collect my tickets from the counter at 8pm. We had dinner together with my favourite gang of bloggers, and I'm glad I managed to meet a few new friends. Let me see if I can get all who sat at the dinner table tonight, Carmen, Kian Fai, Tony, Elwyn, Xing, Xing's friend, Li Chuen, Henry Tan, Jayren, Jiayeen and a few others.I really got to admire the premiere screening tickets tonight, it was so nice that you would have thought they made this tickets for a concert or something. Check it out below.

Complimentary Movie Tickets For The Night

Okay then, let's go though what the movie Sucker Punch is all about. The movies starts off with our main character Babydoll (Emily Browning) going through a traumatic experience an ends up in a mental institution. One thing led to another, and we're given a feast for the eyes with vivid fantasy world graphics together with 4 other really fine ladies fighting their way out.

We have the cool Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), the loud Rocket (Jena Malone), the wavy haired Blondie who isn't really blonde (Vanessa Hudgens) and the ever hot Amber (Jamie Chung). The scene moves from one reality to another, from one fantasy world to another. I eventually gave up on which was the real world, and just sat back to enjoy the graphics!

Overall, this show is watchable, with extremely nice graphics and artistic camera work. Check out the trailer and some movie stills below. Do catch it in the cinemas when you're able to! *spoiler alert* You will never get to see Babydoll dance, and her dance mesmerizes men, and make them sweat profusely after.

Our girls in action..
More action

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  1. haha... nice one! you're fast! still wonder why they call Vanessa Hudgens blonde.. LOL =D

  2. Haha I want to see her dance too leh! I hate the Chef!

  3. wat.. so fast write post.. u really efficient lor..

  4. great review ! Great movie ! =D

  5. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Maybe I should have a baby with a blonde :)

  6. Vanessa is blonde meh? Haha :D Perhaps it is just their way of making us curious? :p

  7. Aha! This kind of movie, I would not bother to watch and you know why... Hehehehehe!!!

  8. Qi Wen: Blondie, hmmm... dont know also! Wahaha.

    Kian fai: Ya lo, the chef isnt cool at all. I wonder if there's any uncut version where we can see babydoll dance.

    Nikel: I write when I'm excited. Hahahaha.

    Nal: Feeling good too :P

    Jayren: The movie isnt bad. Nice seeing you there, and thanks for helping me to collect the tickets first!

    Anonymous: Maybe you should.

    Tekkaus: She's not blonde bro. Its a name only I guess. :)

    STP: LOL, I'm actually very cincai with movies, as long as its free, I can watch anything and everything! Haha.


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