Otak Otak Place Tropicana Mall

I had the chance to savor some nice Malaysian food from this eatery in Tropicana Mall the other day. It was just before the premiere screening of Battle LA. Otak Otak Place, direct translation from Bahasa Malaysia to English would have given us Brain's Place! Anyway, its not brains, but the Otak otak here stands for this delicious fish cake. A quick check for Otak Otak online gives me this definition:  "Otak-otak is a fish cake wrapped inside banana leaf. It can be found throughout Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia."

Otak-Otak Place with malaysian kampung decor

Otak Otak Place is located at Lot L1-58, 1st Floor of Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya. You won't miss it because the front of the shop is really quite interesting with the hanging bicycle and all. Also there's this big wordings Otak Otak which you definately won't miss! 

From the front

One of the first thing that strikes me as being unique the moment I sat down to order was the menu. The menu was old school style, in fact it is made to mirror an exercise book from the 80's, complete with "nama, darjah tingkatan, Perkara, Chegu". Check it out below.

Exercise Book Menu

Food & Memories You Love

Since this was my first visit to Otak Otak Place, I was recommended by my friends to take the Otak Otak Nasi Lemak. The dish came in this 3 tier classic carrier. I remmebered when I was young, I use to have my lunch delivered in this exact same carrier by this auntie who cooks and sends it over during weekdays.

Nasi Lemak Otak Otak

The rice with egg

The Nasi Lemak came with a generous sized Otak Otak, coupled with sambal, kacang and an egg. Pretty good, but it could have been better if they had thrown in more ingredients such as chicken, ikan bilis, etc. We ordered the Iced Honey Lemon Tea, and it really was quite nice to drink.

Honey Lemon Tea

My partner ordered the Fish Head Mee Sua. She had no complaints so I assumed it was good as well. It looked pretty appetizing to me.

Fish head mee sua

Overall the eating experience here was pleasant, with an air of nostalgia for the yesteryears. The price also was pretty reasonable at RM26 for 2 inclusive of tax. So if you're in the mood for some Otak Otak, and you're around tropicana, do drop over this shop to have a try.

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