Hop Movie Premiere Screening

Candies, candies and more candies! The Easter Bunny is here, and I was privileged enough to catch the movie screening of Hop courtesy of Nuffnang. Thanks to Eli, who passed me her tickets I was at E Curve to catch the premiere.

Hop Movie @ Cathay Cinema E Curve

As usual before any Nuffnang's premiere screenings, I'll try my best to catch some bloggers to have dinner, this time at Kim Gary's Restaurant. About 12 of us were there having a wonderful dinner before proceeding to collect the tickets at 8.30pm. The movie started at 9.30pm.

Tickets for Hop Screening
The 2 lovely Ms Ticket Issuers , Ms Thara and Ms Fresh

Something unusual happened while collecting our tickets. 2 very formal man and woman in black with suitcases were distributing some weird fliers to Nuffnang bloggers. It was interesting how they behave, like some secret agent of sorts. The fliers that they gave out were rather confusing and these guys did not talk at all.The fliers were supposed to be some secret document, which everyone could not make head or tails of. I was actually more interested in how the man looked like. He reminded me of Edison! Check them out below.

Mr Edison Lookalike

Lady in Black

Anyway, coming back to the movie, starring Russel Brand (E.B), and James Marsden (Fred O'Hare), it was about the older Easter Bunny's son, E.B who was supposed to succeed him but instead went chasing for his dream in Hollywood. That's where E.B met up with Fred, and all types of hilarious scenes ensued. Overall I find this movie really entertaining and really made the whole audience laugh at the antics of all the characters. I especially liked the Easter Chicks!

Movie Poster
Beloved E.B
E.B with Fred

Of course, a movie screening wouldn't be complete without a group picture of the bloggers that took part. Below would be a group photo for the album!

A Happy Group

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  1. hahaha Scandalicious looks alike got la! LOL =D

    good write up!!

  2. reli edison lookalike oi ! hahahahaz...

  3. That edison lookalike so damn hot. his skin is like porcelain smooth!

  4. this movie sounds fun. will look into this

  5. Ya....edison's really handsome and the girl's not bad too. Who were they? What was that all about? Promo for a movie coming soon?

  6. i wonder who are they??? so mysterious

  7. lol! i wonder if he would see this one day >.<

  8. You're welcome, as long as you & your wife enjoy! OMG, so what did they distribute? so cool yeahhhh!

  9. this movie is awesome...i like... :D

  10. can i use ur photo for my entry? ngeee...can laaa...

  11. Edison lookalike! lololol I enjoyed the movie (:

  12. Kianfai: Lol, shh, this one no scandal one i think. Haha.

    Engtaukia: Really same right?? Man, I was so impressed.

    Xing: Ya lo, i think the make up dem nice ! Or maybe its natural. Omg Leng Chai!!

    Small Kucing: The movie really very nice!! You should bring your son, seriously!

    STP: actually it was all so mysterious, they passed out a file with some documents with a lot of words blotted out. Until now, all of us cant figured out whats it all about. There was a paparazzi photographer zooming in and taking pictures of everyone who took the file. Really strange.

    JFook: You didnt come!!!!! :( Sad.

    Joeanney: Sigh, I wish I knew as well. ><

    Snoopy: It's free advertisement for him ma. Anyway he's realy really good looking!

    Qi Wen: XD The movie really very very nice leh! Love it. Thanks again. They distributed some junk document which nobody understands. Hehehe.

    Alyza: Sure, you can take it, no problem. Hahaha.

    Hilda: Leng chai right!!! XD Yup, I enjoyed the movie as well.

  13. I don't think I will watch it in the cinema but I might buy the DVD later. :p

  14. hahaha the mr edison lookalike really look dam cool! lol wonder wad's all about the mysterious symbol going around :x btw, it was nice meeting u :) hope to see yall soon again!

  15. Tekkaus: DVD also should be ok. But it's really a nice movie. :) A bit childish, but very entertaining.

    Tracey: Nice meeting up with you too!! I'm sure there will be more chances to meet up again in the future. Were you smitten by Mr Edison Lookalike too? :P

  16. can i use ur photo for my entry? ngeee...can laaa...

  17. You're welcome, as long as you & your wife enjoy! OMG, so what did they distribute? so cool yeahhhh!

  18. reli edison lookalike oi ! hahahahaz...

  19. Alice Law1:24 AM

    Interesting movie outing! Wow, the guy really looks like Edison... guess should downloaded those pirated blue-ray for my girl liao, the movie sounds good!


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