Brotzeit Bier Restaurant Dinner With Bloggers!

Tonight was really an eventful night. It was Bernard's birthday today and a bunch of bloggers decided to have a birthday celebration aka dinner gathering over at this really cool German restaurant at Midvalley. Brotzeir Bier Bar and Restaurant was the name of our venue tonight.

The bar

I reached the place at 7.40pm and was pleasantly surprised to see there's already a group of the gang sitting at the tables already. Familiar faces, funny faces, friendly faces, weird faces, there are so many terms I can express for this bunch of bloggers I have come to know. This time around, I made it a point to get a book to record down everyone's details (Name, twitter acc, fb acc and the all important blog link). Probably next round I'll go for the phone numbers! Jackie came for awhile but had to leave early.

Us! Minus Tikkoss the cool photographer! We have 1st row: Bernard, 2nd row: Henry, Jayren, Xing, Chloe, Jessy, Carmen, Eli, Qi Tyng, Evelyn, Simon, Suresh, 3rd row: Elwyn, Janice, Isaac

As it was my first time at this restaurant, I was very excited over the food. I've read some really good food reviews on this restaurant and couldn't wait to try the food myself! Well, as there were 15 of us tonight, we have to sit over at 2 separate tables. Have a look below on the food we ordered. It was quite pricey but the food was well worth the price because everything was delicious!

Ice Cappuccino - RM 9
Griebenschmalz / Bacon Spread- RM 23
Brotzeitflade Spinat / Spinach Pizza - RM 30
Naturschnitzel vom Huhn / Chicken Breast - RM 36
Schweinemedallions / Pork Medallions- RM 44
Spicy Pork Sausages
Garnelen (breaded fried prawns) - RM 25
Breaded Pork
Huge portion of Pork Ribs - Rm50++
Complimentary bread thingy with sugar
Complimentary custard thingy which tasted great!
N├╝rnberger / Pork Sausages - RM 38

I think this has got to be one of my few posts which contains so much food pictures. But I can't help it, all the portions were so big and tasty, I just had to share it here.All the food here tasted great, as I couldn't find fault with any of it. Maybe because we rarely have so many pork made food served in these type of restaurants, I really appreciate the variety.

Well, what was a birthday without a birthday song and a cake? Towards the end of the dinner Bernard was presented his cake, with a complimentary birthday song! The funny thing was, he wasn't allowed to blow the candles until everyone had taken their turns to snap pictures of the cake. There were more than 8 cameras snapping away. Well, Happy Birthday Bernard!

Bernard the birthday boy!

It was great outing, and we parted ways at around 10.30pm. Some of the gang actually went for a second round at The Library. They're a bunch of really happening folks!

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  1. you're so efficient! I'm so happy with you guys and so surprised you attended =D

  2. was the surprise successful then?! :D

  3. sien.. didnt mentioned TikkoSS.. lol..
    but ur quick.. like ur post buddy.. glad meeting u

  4. epy bufday to bernard..

  5. Wah! So expensive! My birthday, you throw such a lavish party for me, can or not? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  6. The food looks good. I only went to the one in Singapore before. haha. Btw any birthday celebration for me? *puppy eyes*

  7. I like pork sausage! LOL


    Good write up and yah brotzeit is abit too costy yo ;)

  8. Qi Wen: Ya, if i can make it, I sure wont miss meeting up with you great guys!!

    Hilda: Bernard mentioned he found out about it via fb or twitter or something. :( but the good thing is he's happy!

    Tikkoss: I'm always glad meeting you too bro!

    Gadafiny: It is yummy!

    Aduka: Thanks for dropping by my blog bro!

    STP: Wahahaha, no problem. can throw! But the bill can throw to you too! LOL True, its very expensive!! My wallet feeling the emptiness now.

    JFook: Oh, sg one hor. So cool! Wahaha, when your birthday comes I'm sure there will be as well.

    Kian Fai: Bro!! I LOVE Pork sausages too!! :) And yeah, the prices shocked me when I was looking at the menu. Eyes big big.

  9. made me felt so hungry :) those food are so delicious !!!! grrrrrrr

  10. the pictures u took makes the food looks damn nice...

  11. yums! loving all the foods! looks good n wanted to try it myself one day! ;)

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  12. Yummy food <3 so happening eh ;)

  13. this is a German restaurant right? :)

  14. All the food here looks high class...and very presentable... like an art. :)

  15. I think I will fancy the custard. :)

  16. Catherine: Those are very yummy food! LOL.

    Henry: Bro, if you have taken the pics, mine pales so much in comparison. Yours would be perfect!

    Caroline: Yea, the food is delicious, but really a bit pricey. Once in a while ok, if everyday, will banckrupt! Hahaha

    Mag: I try to be... Wahahahaha, unfortunately not happening enough.

    Tekkaus: Yea bro, german restaurant. Nice, but slightly expensive.

  17. So many food posts...looks like a food review

  18. So many food posts...looks like a food review

  19. The food looks good. I only went to the one in Singapore before. haha. Btw any birthday celebration for me? *puppy eyes*

  20. All the food here looks high class...and very presentable... like an art. :)


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