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Following up on my previous post with regards to the Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Sim, today I shall do a writeup review of the service. I have been using it since the Sim Card was activated late last month.

So what's up with Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid? Well, for starters the sim card did not die on me, which I appreciate it greatly! Check out on my post regarding my previous sim cards from my current telco which died on me.

I have been a user of postpaid telco for the past 5 years, and it did come as a surprise that Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is able to match my current rates.

The Rates? 
At a flat rate of only 16cents/min, and 5cents/sms, Tune Talk had already matched the rates offered by my current pospaid line. But you know what takes the icing on the cake? A 5cents/MB data rate! Now, when I read about it I was really surprised, the normal rates for data charges has always been 10cents per 10kb, but here we have a 5cents per 1024kb! Now this really impressed me as I'm currently a user of an iPhone, and we all know an iPhone without internet connectivity is boring to the core.

Another interesting point to note was that, with this prepaid, the rate of 16cents/min had no peak or off-peak hours, it was a flat rate for all hours of the day. The best thing is, the rates are for calls to any number, nationwide.

Previously I did a writeup on news that Malaysian government and SG government were going to lower telco rates, and I think Tune Talk might just be what the news have been hyping about.

Air Asia?
Now we've all heard of Tunes Hotel which is affiliated with Air Asia which like the airline, offers a no frills package and are really affordable.

Tune Talk takes on a similar approach, not only is it affordable, I'm able to earn Tune Talk points for Air Asia flights for every top up!

No wonder they have the "Tune" word in their name. I was informed the points never expires and with points lower than 3k, we could get a flight to Bali, or any local destination for even lower points.

RM100k Free Insurance?
Upon further digging on the benefits of Tune Talk, I found out that there is a free RM100k personal accidental insurance coverage attached to the owner of the sim card as well. Now that's some peace of mind. Another new thing for me, I've never known prepaid telcos to offer free insurance!

Maximum Coverage Nationwide?
Tune Talk and Celcom have signed an MoU so basically, Tune Talk has the coverage that Celcom have. Now that's one thing I like, personally I'm using Celcom Postpaid, and the coverage is superb.

Check out the details on the MoU below.

The Lie About Prepaid?
Well, I found this question somewhere on the net, and it really triggered my interest. It made my brain think of how all this while we have been taken on a ride by our prepaid telcos, Telco tariff plans and marketing messages confuses the heck out of customers like us with their different services, that in fact make us pay more.

Most prepaid customers have been using their numbers for so long, that they do not actually realize it when the telco changes their rates without informing them. I feel people should question and debate more on the pros and cons of the telco services in Malaysia. Well, that's what I think anyway.

My Experiences Using It?
For the past 1 month using it, I have not experienced any drop calls yet, and the signal has always been strong. Probably this is due to the collaboration with Celcom as noted above. I've been enjoying the low SMS rates as well, because my current telco is charging me 12 cents/sms as compared to Tune Talk's 5cents/sms.

Overall, great package deal, and I wonder why with all these really cool benefits and freebies, we have yet to see hordes of people flocking to Tune Talk and picking up their prepaid Sim cards!

Bravo Tune Talk, and I hope to see more exciting offerings from you soon!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by Isaac Tan for Nuffnang


  1. You make me wanna get one now hahahaha....

  2. awesome review! *thumbsup*

  3. @ AlbertKo:

    Hehehe, if you're using prepaid, you should give it a try. Can fly airasia for free with the points collected man.

  4. @ Qi Wen:

    Thanks! I try XD

  5. @ CrazyWrazy:

    Thank you bro! Much Appreciated for the visit and the read!

  6. You're so efficient! Detailed and awesome review :D

  7. Do they have this everywhere? Over here, only Celcom available most places. Maxis and Digi...at "selected" places only.

  8. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I like this info^^

  9. @ Hilda:

    Waiting for yours to come out soon. Hehe

  10. @ Jayren:

    I know your review will be even more awesome! Awesomeness overload!

  11. @ STP:

    I'm not sure if its available in east malaysia, but from what I heard during the tune talk explanation, they are piggy backing on celcom's network.

  12. @ Lee:

    LOL, i like it too! :)

  13. I might just make the jump^^

  14. @ Glow:

    You should if you're currently using a prepaid. But if you're on a student package, you might have to think twice.

  15. Wow help me do a blog post no lazy to do ^^

  16. Jimmy: You have to write a blog post as well?

  17. Jimmy: You have to write a blog post as well?

  18. @ CrazyWrazy:

    Thank you bro! Much Appreciated for the visit and the read!

  19. Anonymous11:39 AM

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  20. I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

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  21. Anonymous10:21 PM

    can tunetalk be used on a iphone?


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