Toys Donation Box

While I was at Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang the other day, this particular box caught my eye and interest. From afar it looked like a boxful of toys. On closer inspection, what do you know, it IS a boxful of toys! Colorful toys, cute toys.

Second Chance Toys

There were mostly plush toys, and some plastic like colorful things. However the toys are not for sale, nor to be taken. This is a toys donation charity box, for parents whose kids have outgrown their toys and would like to contribute.

Second Chance Toys, that was the name given by the wife of Penang's Chief Minister's wife, Betty Chew as stated on the toy donation banner. I feel it was a noble effort indeed, to collect second hand toys which can then be distributed to deserving children.

Cute toys
As stated, Do not take, but give!
So if you're around the neighborhood, and have excess toys, do take note there's a toys donation campaign held at Sunway Carnival Mall Penang.

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  1. waaa..ada juga macam ni ye..i've got toys too, but already donate to my nephew n niece..hehe

  2. ala toy ..semua dah hancur berkecai...

  3. ehh nice campaign :) i am not in penang>< or else i will go donate one also ><

  4. @ atie:

    Haha, yep, jarang nampak kempen macam ni :P

  5. @ Norasiah:

    Berkecai, but still can be used I guess. :)

  6. @ Domokun:

    It's the thought that counts! :)

  7. Too bad not in Sibu. Still have some of my daughter's toys somewhere in the house...

  8. first time i see toys donation box, but i think this is a good deed.. should encourage more people to do that.. :)

  9. that's nice! so now people don't need to throw their toys away.

  10. blog marche ....! Votre blog est super.

  11. blog marche ....! Votre blog est super.

  12. ala toy ..semua dah hancur berkecai...

  13. Blipton1:44 AM

    FYI, Second Chance Toys has been in existence in the United States since 2006.


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