A Short Lunch Break At Secret Recipe

The other day, I was sort of hungry during lunch for some cake, and decided to crash in at this Secret Recipe outlet near my work place. It has been a while since I last splurged on Secret Recipe's food. Have a look below on what I had that afternoon. We did not order a lot, but it was really filling.

I started off with the chocolate chip walnut cake. Initially I wanted to order some cheese cakes as Secret Recipe is famous for its various cheese cakes, but decided not to because I wanted to save the calories there and spend it on the ice cream later!

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cake - RM6.50

Next up, ordered the main course, which was the chicken cordon bleu, and satay respectively. The cordon bleu was really nice with creamy cheese in it. I forgot to take a picture of the cheese inside because greedy me ate most of it before realizing.

Chicken Cordon Bleu - RM15.80

The Satay was good, with huge chunks of chicken meat. But I actually prefer satays with a bit of fat, this was just too healthy for my liking.

Chicken Satay - RM7.50

Next up was my favourite dessert. Ice creams! Secret Recipe's chocolate sundae to be exact. 3 scoops of heavenly ice cream, which was really a welcome treat during the day when the weather was so hot.

Chocolate Sundae  RM9.90

Overall, it was a high calorie, but satisfying meal. I went back to the office feeling really full, and slightly sleepy!


  1. yummyyyy....drooling at the ice cream

  2. rofl bro u makaned all?!..

  3. I've yet to try SR's chicken cordon bleu. Aiyor...satay, better go Kajang or any roadside stall lah. Bet it's nicer and cheaper too... Their cakes - I like white choc macadamian or durian cream, my daughter likes choc indulgence... Yum! Yum! Must go again one of these days...all because of YOU!!!

  4. wah.. just finish dinner and now im hungry again.. lol..

  5. yummyyyy....drooling at the ice cream

  6. wah.. just finish dinner and now im hungry again.. lol..


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