Sanctum 3D Movie Review

After hearing a couple of friends mentioning about this movie, I decided to catch it for myself today. I've heard mixed reviews over this movie "Sanctum 3D" which made me even more curious to see what the fuss is about. The banner shouts out "From executive producer James Cameron, creator of Titanic and Avatar". It shouldn't be a bad watch, i whispered to my movie partner just before entering GSC Midvalley Cinema.

Movie Poster

GSC Midvalley shows this movie in both 3D and 2D, but I caught the one in 2D because personally, I don't like wearing the 3D glasses unless absolutely necessary. They should make 3D glasses that can cater for movie goers who wears spectacles.

Coming back to the movie, in a nutshell, the movie revolves around this team of underwater cave divers going down one of the largest unexplored cave system (Esa-ala-Caves). We have some handsome actors, and 1 babe in the cast. The movie starts off with one team on the way to the cave, while another team with master diver Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh) has already been exploring the cave. Frank's son Josh played by Rhys Wakefield starts off being on bitter ends with his father. But as the movie progresses on, you see them building a strong father-son relationship which in my opinion was the better part of this movie. 

The movie picks up momentum when a cyclone hit the cave, and everything is flooded. Now our team has no way to get out except by diving even deeper, going through an underwater labyrinth. This is where the excitements starts. One by one, due to negligence, lack of skills, and a whole bunch of other circumstances, the body count increases, and the crew was left with only a couple of divers. One thing let to another and before you know it, everybody was fighting for their own survival. There was a slight twist in the end, but that was about all you get. 

Overall, this was an OK movie, but I had expected more coming from the director of Titanic and Avatar which were blockbusters. Probably the 3D version had more oomph to it, but I doubt it, as the movie is as good as the plot goes, and Sanctum's plot is rather shallow for a deep diving movie. 

I leave you with the trailer for this movie, and some screen captures I took off the net.

More screen captures

Our heroes squirming their way around tight spots
More tight spots

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  1. haha, finally you watched it.. yeah, the movie was just OK.. But it was good when it came to filming underwater and in those caves.. haha

  2. im so gonna watch this movie

  3. Totally gonna see this! I hope i see some avatar elements in this movie. Lol!

  4. seemed to be quite scary... haha!
    btw I haven't watched it yet... :D

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  5. I'm sure this one is interesting & convinced by your intro in detail here :-)

  6. if i miss this in the cinema then i'll just download it and watch it when im free :)

  7. certainly looks like this is turning into a movie blog! Not into movies, will fall asleep...and chair not big enough for me.

  8. QI Wen: LOL, yeap, finally I watched ir, was asking you how was it before I watched right? :)

    Joenney: But seriously, it's not that great.

    Melvino: If you do catch it, try the one in 3D, it might look better.

    Sonnykazu: Have followed you on twitter dude. Hehe.

    Dora: Thanks for dropping by, it is watchable, but not great.

    Henry: LOL, my thoughts exactly, nowadays it's getting so expensive to watch movies in the cinemas, from RM8, increased to RM9 to RM10, and recently RM12 per ticket!!

    STP: LOL don't worry, it won't. Like I said, I don't have a niche yet. And I'm not really a movie buff, previously 4 years ago yes, but now I'm more of a lazing in the house sleeping type of person. :)

  9. Seems like a movie to watch nonetheless!


  10. haha, finally you watched it.. yeah, the movie was just OK.. But it was good when it came to filming underwater and in those caves.. haha


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