Burlesque Movie Premiere @ GSC Midvalley

I got myself 2 free movie tickets for this movie premiere courtesy of Nuffnang. The premier was held at Midvalley Megamall at 9pm. I reached there just slightly over 8pm, just in time for ticket collection.

Nuffnang Ms Ticket Issuers

The tickets

The movie lasted for a good 2 hours and the weird thing is, even though it is a musical type of movie, I did not feel bored throughout the movie. Maybe this was due to the large amount of skimpily clad ladies dancing to loud music!

Burlesque stars 2 of today's music industries large pop divas (Cher and Christina Aguilera) and revolves around this young lady (Christina) coming from a small state Iowa to Los Angeles hoping to make it big.

Christina arrives in this special bar named Burlesque with performers that can really dance and groove to cool loud music. The problem with the the bar was, it's owner (Cher) was debt ridden, plus the dancers lip synch to the music and do not sing their own songs. Initially, our little ms Iowa was just offered a job as the waitress there, but soon they come to realize her potential, and she can sing!

The plot to this movie is really very simple. Small town girl comes to big city, small town girl tries, oppurtunity knocks, small town girl succeeds. What brings out the shine in Burlesque was the glitter and dance movements in it. The camera was shot very artistically capturing the music and moves perfectly. With so many ladies dancing, what can go wrong.

I leave you with some pictures from the movie. Not a bad watch I would say.

Movie poster

Nifty dance moves


  1. You've been winning a lot from NN, don't you? :D Good for you! I cant wait to watch this movie.

  2. congrats...i really adore christina aquilera. Definitely will catch this movie soon....

  3. would love to watch it too...

  4. I watched the video clips on youtube...not my kind of music, don't think I will like the movie. Only like the theme song...

  5. Looking forward to watch this movieeeeee!!!! :D

  6. issit suitable for me and my bunch of buddies?.. rofl. Gonna suggest this movie in our next outing.

  7. @ Hilda:

    Thanks! I've been quite lucky recently. :) yup you should go watch it :)

  8. Ive been meaning to watch this.. just love dance musicals lol

  9. @ Mag!

    Yep, it's a superb show!! :) lai belanja me the movie ticket I watch with u again. Hehehe

  10. Lmao, not u belanja me? :p

  11. Lmao, not u belanja me? :p

  12. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Does anyone know the name of the dancer who was wearing the short piano skirt in the movie burlesque?


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