Aunty Kiew's Animal Shelter Donation Drive

This morning, I got a message from a fellow blogger on facebook informing me about this animal shelter donation drive. The donation drive is aptly named "Auntie Kiew's Animal Shelter Donation Drive". Have a look at the tagline for the drive below and you'll get the message.

"Spend a day with the animals, adopt a pet, or help us by making a donation"
"Here's a chance for you to make a difference"

The donation drive would be held at KL, Old Klang Road to be exact, on the 13th of February from 12pm - 3pm. It's a Sunday! If you are in KL at that time, and have the time and wish to make a difference, do drop by.

Oh, also check out the facebook event page here.

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  1. Come one. Come all! Bring your parents / children / spouses / partners / friends. You get the picture. We've all been affected by an animal neglect case in some way or another, haven't we.

    So if you haven't already, now's the time to make a difference.

    Sincerely, thank you for the support :)


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