Won 2 Tickets To The Premiere Screening Of The Green Hornet

Thank god it's Friday! TGIF. I've always loved to utter this every time the end of the week is here. Come on, who doesn't love the weekends? But today was even lovelier because of the email below.

The email

Thanks to Nuffnang, I will get the chance to attend another movie premiere. This time it is going to be for this new movie "The Green Hornet". How did I get this tickets? Well it was a contest conducted by Nuffnang, and 70 winners would be chosen to get these tickets. My blog entry was lucky enough to be picked to win.

Link to my blog post for  this contest - If I Were The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet


  1. Congratz!!! Enjoy your green stinging show haha..

  2. @ Bananazஇ:

    Hey thanks bananaz!! Haha, hopefully the sting doesn't hurt.

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Lucky you! You will get to meet your fellow-nuffnangers and soon your blog will enjoy a lot of traffic. Way to go, my friend. Enjoy yourself.


  4. Thanks STP! but I don't think movie premieres are social events.

    The last movie premiere I went by nuffnang, didn't actually have the chance to interact with other nuffnangers. Looking forward to the next nuffnang event.

  5. enjoy the movie :)

  6. @ ken:

    Thanks! free movies are definately enjoyable! hehe.

  7. really wanna go this one...but at 9.00pm...gate close.='<. neway enjoy dis movie


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