Weird Place For A Car Number Plate

Today, I came back from lunch to see this car which strikes me as being quite interesting due to the way the owner placed his car number plates. Have a look below.

If you haven't noticed, his number plates were propped up inside the car, and not fixed outside as per normal. Interesting and it made me think of the possible reasons he or she may have done that. It didn't take me long to figure out the reason. The owner just changed his original myvi rear bonnet to an imported Passo rear bonnet. What he didn't do was stick back the Perodua emblem, and get a number plate holder!


  1. @stp:

    Haha. Don't think so. But it is rather creative of him. It's a colleague's car since the car was parked inside my company carpark. Just don't know is the owner. :)


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