Sushi King Midvalley Megamall

It has been quite long since I last had Sushi King, so when I was given a choice to have it early this evening, I thought to myself, why not? Since I was already at Midvalley Megamall, dropped by its Sushi King located at level 3.

Sushi King
 Sushi King Lot T-015B (Level 3) Mid Valley Megamall,
Contact: 03-2284 8762 / 03-2284 1502 | Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm
The environment and cleanliness of this outlet was okay, but today most of the staffs were new, so they had problems taking my orders. I didn't really kick up a fuss, cause everybody got to learn from scratch right?

Sushi King
Interior of Sushi King Midvalley Megamall
The Kaiten Belt going around the interior of this outlet
Sushi King
Ala Carte Menu
The menu was pretty comprehensive and as we were ordering, something caught my eye. It was a small sign stating that this outlet serves alcoholic dishes and drinks. Now this got me thinking, I thought all Sushi King outlets were halal? Or am I wrong. I then tried to look for the Halal logo, which I did not see.

Sushi King
Alcoholic dishes are available
One of the favourite dish from Sushi King would definately be the soft shell crab temaki. Have a look below on some of the dishes we ordered tonight.

Our ice cold green tea
Sushi King
Our meal for the night
Overall, the food was good, but the price was a bit heavy on my poor little wallet. Oh well, once in a blue moon I guess. The bill came up to about RM50 for two.

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