The Star Education Fair 2011

Guess where I spent my Saturday? I guess the title speaks for itself. Yup, yours truly was at the Star Education Fair 2011 at KLCC Convention Centre. Why was I there? To look for suitable courses, going back to school? Well, on the contrary, I was there to "sell" degree courses. UK degree courses offered by Linton University College to be exact.

First off let me give a brief background on this education fair. The Star Education Fair 2011, the country's premier education fair, was held at KLCC and is on its 23rd consecutive year! This premier exhibition provides the ideal platform for students to explore education and career options, both locally and abroad.


Date: 8th & 9th January 2011 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 11.00am - 7.00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Star Education Fair
The walkway connection KLCC Mall to the Convention Halls

I was invited by my uncle 2 days ago to help him out in promoting his University, namely Linton University College, and since I had the time, I agreed. We reached the exhibition hall at KLCC convention hall 4 quite early at 9.30am, and proceeded to have an early breakfast first before beginning our work. 

Star Education Fair
Registration before entering the hall

After a quick breakfast we were back at the hall around 10am, where the exhibitors were allowed in before the crowd, to prepare the booths and materials. 

Star Education Fair
My Exhibitor Tag

The university I was representing had 2 large booth space with up to 16 small tables for families and students to sit down and discuss about their future. Check out Linton University College's website at below link.

Star Education Fair
Linton University College Booth at Star Education Fair 2011

The plus points of this university was its affordability, and the degrees are all external UK degrees which can be done full time in their Nilai campus. And the best thing was, the hostel apartments were free for the duration of the course!

Mime for you?

The crowd came in droves, some of the SPM  and STPM school leavers came with their friends, some came with their family in tow. The peak hours were around 1pm - 3pm where I had the busiest time explaining to the students and families about Linton University College's courses. 

Star Education Fair
Get your engineering courses with me!
Some of the postgraduate courses available

It was a long day, and definitely a new experience for me. I've never joint any of these exhibitions before as an exhibitor before. The education fair ended at 7pm, but I was satisfied as I managed to talk to countless families and understood more on the plight of parents when it comes to choosing the correct course and universities for their child. Thanks to Linton University College for giving me the opportunity to take part in this year's Star Education Fair. 


  1. wah...did u manage yakinkan those parent to choose ur uni?

  2. @Cad: need to follow up the following days. Coz for sure parents rarely register on the spot. :) thanks for dropping a comment!! :)

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