Sony Ericsson W100i Spiro

Sony Ericsson phones, what is your take on it? For me, I always felt Sony Ericsson's phones are practical as well as the looks are up to date. Maybe that's why we see so many youths having these phones nowadays.

Back to my story for today, I just got myself a Sony Ericsson W100i Spiro mobile phone a few hours back. The phone was not meant for me, I got it for my future wife as a second phone. This model was just launched like a few months back and the plus points were it's small size (90g in weight) as well as the price. Spiro was marketed as a low range budget phone by Sony Ericsson.

Sony ericsson w100 spiro
W100i Fits In My Hands Snugly
Sony ericsson w100 spiro
The box it came in.

Details on this phone? Well Spiro is a basic phone with Edge connectivity, fitted with a 2 megapixel camera, radio and mp3 support, and can fit an SD memory card. The music quality is acceptable, because this phone is branded under the "W" tag, which in Sony's world stands for Walkman Phone.

The screen boasts a 262K colors TFT screen. Oh, did I mention this Spiro is a slide phone, hence its small size when closed. Below is how it looks like when the slide is open. It still looks cool and small though. I personally liked the big keys.
Sony ericsson w100 spiro
Slider Spiro

Overall it's a steal at the price that I got it for. I bought the phone from a mobile phone shop in Wangsa Maju Section 2, at a price of RM 248, AP set. There were 4 colors to choose from, white, black, green, and pink. The green and pink hues weren't very attractive so I settled for a white Spiro. The black one wasn't for me since it looked so yesterday.

Below are a few more pics I shot to show the view from the side. Spiro is really a rather cute phone, suitable for a lady I would say. Currently I'm charging the phone, may update when I'm more closely acquainted with this phone. 
Sony ericsson w100 spiro
The shop even threw in a pouch and screen protector for free
Sony ericsson w100 spiro
A small phone in my giant hands
Sony ericsson w100 spiro
Checking out the thickness.


theeggyolks said...

the phone looks nice :D

Isaac Tan said...

Thanks ! :) it's rather cute

Unknown said...

this phone is cute..
my siz have it..

rozie rahman said...

so cute phone.. my frend already bought sony xperia,i'm not sure what model. but so cute like this phone n slide on left side..

Isaac Tan said...

@Pink Diva: Thanks for commenting! :) So I guess you must have played a lot with your sis phone.

@Ummia: Sony xperia mini is cute as well, but the price is so much more expensive. :)

barr said...

great overview. :) ... but i got the black one.

Isaac Tan said...

@barr cool! the black one looks great as well. Enjoy it ya.

Anonymous said...

do you have any problem with this fone?