SnJ Gift Store At Alpha Angle Shopping Mall

Following up on my blog post regarding the computer gadgets I got from Asashi Technology PC Outlet, my gf needed to get the wrapping papers to wrap it all with. Those gadgets were suppose to be presents, and presents are supposed to be wrapped beautifully. So there I was outside this shop called SnJ Gifts in Jusco Wangsa Maju (Alpha Angle Shopping Mall).

SnJ Gift
SnJ Gift store sells all types of accessories and those small items that we can gift people with. There were lots of teddy bears, and girlie items as well. Hence making this store a hit with the teenage girls. Anyway, we were there to buy the wrapping papers. SnJ sold these wrapping papers quite reasonably at only rm1.30/pc. One piece was quite large, roughly around 2 A3 size large.

SnJ Gift Stores have their own website, which caters for online shopping as well in the link below.

The view from inside the store


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