Season Of The Witch Premiere At e@Curve

Tonight I was lucky enough to be given 2 free tickets by Nuffnang for the premiere of Season Of The Witch. The venue was at e@Curve Cathay Cineplex. Our free movie was slotted to be at 9.30pm. Us being the early birds arrived at around 7.30pm. At that time the Nuffnang collection booth was still empty.

Since we were early, we took the chance to walk around the shopping mall. Frankly speaking, this is only my 2nd visit here. Don't blame me, I live at the other side of town.

At 8.30pm sharp, the collection booth was finally manned an tickets being handed out. Nuffnangers were seen queuing up. A few actually brought out some fancy photography gear to photograph the ticket collection process. I'm not sure how the seating arrangement was done, but from what I observe, the tickets were already numbered and it was passed out on a first come first served basis.

Ticket Collection Counter
At the counter, we were only required to give our name and email to collect the tickets. An idea popped up in my mind, I could get the names and emails of Nuffnangers easily, meaning I could actually pose as other fellow bloggers and collect their tickets? On top of the free tickets, we were given two small gifts aka freebies. Nothing elaborate, just an "I love Nuffnang badge", and a 2011 calendar.

My tickets plus the 2 freebies
The movie was held at hall 10, and we were seated at seat numbered F5 and F6. The last time I was here was also for a movie premiere, it was for Terminator 4 (Salvation), and I remembered liking the seats here. I still liked the seats. It felt the same, comfy seats with lots of leg room.

Coming back to the movie, I was looking forward to this movie because Nicolas Cage was in it. Loved all his previous movies, both good and bad. Tonight's movie told the story of a group of crusaders and priests in medieval times who had to bring this young girl who was accused of being a witch to some far off monastry.

Most of the story centred on the journey to the monastry, and the final showdown at the monastry itself. The plot was fairly simple and predictable. Action was ok, not superb as I actually expected more. Spoiler ahead, our heroes died at the end. Overall, an OK movie, it did not live up to my anticipation as I felt the story started and ended quite abruptly and in a rather predictable fashion. Oh well, I'm looking forward to Nicolas Cage's next movie. Cage has been very actively starring in multiple movies recently.


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