Renewing My Jaya Jusco Membership Card

It's already 2011, and I forgot to renew my Jusco membership card end of last year. It was more of laziness to renew rather than forgetfulness. Anyway, I knew I had to get it renewed asap if not I would have to start paying my carpark fees.

Jaya Jusco card members get free parking at all Jaya Jusco outlets, which was the main reason I'm getting the card. Oh, the other perks would be points collection, extra discount on member's day, and various discounts on some branded items. All card renewals have to be done at their specific counters. Lucky for me it was fairly empty, and my turn came up pretty fast, no long queues.

Jaya Jusco Membership Card
Jusco Customer Service Centre
The service dude did a quick check on my account and found that I burnt 500 points last year because those points expired in Dec 2010. Ouch. Anyway I still had 5000 points, so I used up 1500points to exchange for the yearly renewal fees for the card. (RM12)

Jaya Jusco Membership Card
Card renewal counter

I learnt that Jusco no longer sends updates and magazines to our postal address, instead they only send SMSes. Cutting costs I guess. I also found out my handphone number was not updated, no wonder I'm not getting any SMSes from Jaya Jusco on any promotions. Promptly updated my mobile number and I was good to go.

Jaya Jusco Membership Card
My brand new 2011 cards
I was able to renew 2 cards at once, one for myself, and one for my gf. Any points collected on any of the cards will add up to the same account.

Jaya Jusco Membership Card
The main purpose of my Jusco card, to get free parking at this machine


  1. but the free parking ticket only if the building own by JJ right? coz i try to use it at JJ bukit tinggi i dont get the discount. huhuhuhu

  2. u remind me to renew my jusco card!!thanks~

  3. @noreed: oh maybe it is. Yup, if the building is not solely jaya Jusco owned then the card can't be used for free parking. :(

    @atie: glad to have reminded you. Haha.

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