PTPTN Confirmation On Lowered Interest Rate From 3% to 1%

End of last year, 2010 I was getting quite depressed over my Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) Repayment. If you were to check out that link, you'll notice I owe them RM75k already, an increase of RM11k from my initial debt of RM64k. It's not I don't pay back at all, it's just that I was not paying back regularly.

At that time, I made it a point to apply for the interest change to PTPTN. A 1% interest rate is definately better than 3%, that's a reduction of 2%!. Initially when I took up this loan in 1999 it was at 4%.

I submitted the application mid of last month, and was pleasantly surprised when PTPTN sent me an email yesterday confirming that they have already changed my interest rate. Sweet.

Email confirmation
So for those that have not applied for the rate adjustment, you could do it now. But bear in mind, from what I heard, PTPTN may start auto cut from our monthly salaries very soon.


  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    yup~ betul2.. i skrg tengah uruskan borang2 for change the rate to 1%..

  2. @ Reena Tan!

    :) ooh, is there a lot of forms? I remembered just filling up online at the ptptn website. But I may be wrong, dah tua forgetful sket. :P

  3. a reduction of 2% is very big amount lo. Looks like this year you be having lotsa luck

  4. @ Small Kucing:

    Hehe, gong xi gong xi. I hope so too for this year!

  5. i just applied ptptn recently. dunno what will happen to the interest rat ein the future

  6. Wah! From 4% to 3% and now, to 1%. This is like striking 4D - how many RMK you won...I mean, saved? So lucky... Good for you, Isaac - can keep the money for the wedding.

  7. afternoon :)
    ooh..ptptn.never had a chance to apply :D


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