My iPhone New Look

It's the new year, instead of getting a new phone, I've gotten my phone a new cover. Got it a few weeks back, and the pictures were lingering around in my PC which I just realized early this morning. Since I had the time today, I've decided to post up the pictures to be posted and published here.

iPhone Best Casing
Bright Orange
Got the cover for a rather cheap price from Lowyat Plaza at RM 12, I guess you could get covers like this for RM10, but I did not mind the extra RM2 because I really liked the colour. Bright orange, bright enough to be eaten. The cover is more of a snap on casing which was both easy to put on as well as taken off. The casing clips perfectly without any squeaks.

Getting into the mood for orangeness, I even searched for a background image online to match the cover. Have a look below.
iPhone Best Casing
Matching background image
iPhone Best Casing
The view from the back. Cutout of apple logo is visible.
On a side note, ever since iPhone 4 was launched, I've been finding it rather difficult to look for suitable iPhone 3GS covers and accessories. I guess it's purely business and mobile accessories shops don't feel the need to stock up anymore since the demand is no longer there. Until the next urge to change the look of my iPhone, this orange look shall be my phone theme until March, maybe earlier.  
iPhone Best Casing
My Orangey Gadget


Ken Wooi said...

orange is a nice colour :)

rozie rahman said...

so nice! ;P

Isaac Tan said...

Thanks :) A new year, a new color :)

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

トリー バーチ(tory burch) said...

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