The New Honda Civic 1.8S-L Spec

One of my colleague who is also one of my "lunch kaki", Lee KH just got himself a new car, a white Honda Civic 1.8S-L. I was told the L was for luxury. First off, I didn't know civic came out with a luxury version, so I went on the web digging about the differences between the standard 1.8S and 1.8S-L. I'll share the differences further down this post.

Anyway, since it was the second day my colleague got his car, and the first day he drove it to work, the gang got to sit in a new car to our lunch spot today. My first impression of his car was that it has dark leather seats, most of the Civics I've been in rarely have this 2 tone leather seat. Also since it is the L version, modulo body kit was included, which looks good on a white civic I would say.

White Honda Civic 1.8S-L
Printed i-Vtec 1.8S-L
The price of this car retails at RM 119980, an increase of RM 5k from the 1.8S spec which retails for RM 114980. The extras that come with the increased price are the added cruise control, audio and cruise buttons on the steering wheel, a silver panel surrounding the meter, chrome outer door handles, door mirrors with side signals and leather seats. These extras were only included in the 2.0S version previously.

For the e-brochure it can be downloaded off the official honda malaysia website at To make life easier, the exact link would be as below.

e-Brochure :

Anyway, it was a comfortable ride to lunch and back. A very nice car indeed. Such a pity I'm not paid high enough to afford this car, maybe in 5 years time. Probably a new variant of the civic would be out by then.