Nasi Lemak With KFC Krushers

There's something new at KFC, and its called KFC Krushers. The adverts read "Taste it, Slurp it, Gulp it, Crunch it, Krush it, Bite it, Drink it, Lick it, Sip it, Chomp it, Suck it! Catchy isn't it. Have a look at the advert from the KFC Malaysia website.

KFC Krushers Advert
Anyway, I had my first Krusher yesterday morning, and guess what, I had it with Nasi Lemak! I was at this Petronas petrol station in USJ area, when I decided to drop by for a quick breakfast.

The KFC outlet beside a petronas kedai mesra
My KFC Krusher posing with my nasi lemak
I chose the classic Oreo flavored Krusher, for a price of close to RM 5, the taste was just mediocre. For starters, the taste is rather bland and I hardly tasted any sweetness in it. The Krusher kind of reminded me of Mcdonald's McFlurry. It had the similar texture with chunks of chocolate bites, except it's ice blended and not ice cream blended. Coupled with my nasi lemak, it made an OK meal. Luckily my delicious nasi lemak made up for it.

Not enough kacang though
Full of real "non-tasty" bitz!
So if anybody has taken this before, please inform me if the other flavours tasted better. I won't be ordering this drink anytime soon.


  1. How much was the nasi lemak? RM1? RM5 for the drink, no thank you....

  2. the nasi lemak was rm1.20, at kedai mesra. KL price.

    haha, actually i took the drink coz my uncle paid for it. We were on the way to Linton Uni that time. Shh. :P

    The rationale was to take the most expensive drink since it was paid for.

  3. my mistake. For a moment there i thought KFC selling Nasi Lemak too. hahaha..havent try the kruchers yet

  4. hows the kfc krushers?tasty?

  5. @ small Kucing: hello kucing! oh. :p sorry for misleading u. The nasi Lemak is from Kedai mesra Petronas. The kfc krushers isn't very nice. I prefer mc d Mcflurry.

    @ atie: hello atie! The krusher not very nice. Maybe the flavor I chose not good. Not sure. But no taste. I prefer if its sweeter

  6. You got crushed by the Krusher with nasi lemak. No kick eh? For a moment thought KFC is selling nasi lemak too as it was nicely packed with the words all over until I saw small kucing's meow. ~;).

  7. pergh.. nmpk sedap giler krushers tu...
    meleleh wokk!

  8. thanks for a comment at my blog.. n my broken english too.. haha.. nice lah kamu punya blog.. jarang nampak blog lelaki ada citer pasal makanan nih.. and.. nasi lemak looks delicious lah.. =P

  9. @ Bananaz: Haha, got crushed by the krusher? Yup, really no kick, not sweet enough. The nasi lemak is ok though.

    @ Solihin: :) Krushers tu ok je, mc donald's mc flurry lagi bes!

  10. @ Aduka: omg, you're like one of the first yang puji macam tu. Haha. Tenkiu tenkiu!! Blog u pun tak kurang hebatnya. Sebiji cam facebook. :)

  11. huiyo.. and where did your oatmeal diet go?.. rofl.. nasi lemak konon.. xDD

  12. Haha bro. If I'm at home or at office then it'll be oatmeal. But last sat I was on the way to linton university. And uncle Twinny Belanja


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