My New Custom Domain Finally Active

After getting my custom domain ( 3 days ago, I've been checking daily to see when Blogger would automatically set the redirect from my old domain ( to my new one. Everytime I checked, it would come out the same status. "Your blog is in transition, bla bla bla". Then today after lunch, did a quick check, and voila! No more transition message.

However a quick check at Google, still shows my search results quite low in the search results as compared when I was using the old domain. I guess I have to continue posting more posts to gain back the traffic.

Anyway, I'm really glad with for automating the domain transfer process, and any hits to my old domain will be automatically redirected to Today's a good day. Now I just need to find out when will update my new address. Currently any posts I put up at Innit is still restricted to as Innit does not recognize my new address yet.

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  1. Good luck with your new domain...and hope it gets lots of traffic...and earns you lots of moolah!! Wink! Wink!

  2. lol! thanks bro, but for starters would love to know and meet more fellow bloggers. Like you !! :)


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