Marriage Forms Submission At Thean Hou Temple

Remember last week on 27th Dec? Well, on that day I submitted my forms for approval at the JPN, That was the first phase towards getting my marriage certificate.

On Dec 30th, I managed to complete phase 2: Form submission and to book the ROM (Registration of marriage) date. We chose Thean Hou Temple to be the place to register due to it being a beautiful temple and the fact that we could take lots of pictures for remembrance.

We reached the temple around 3pm after lunch. It was a fairly simple process of submitting the completed forms together with the photocopied ICs and birth certificates. The area for registration was self contained, everything was available there, from the florists to the wedding accessories shops.

Thean Hou Temple
Just outside the registration hall
Thean Hou Temple Registration Office
We chose the date to register our marriage on the spot. The date was still available. However, we weren't the first couple to choose the date, in fact we were the number 61st couple to be registered on that date. Guess which date did we choose? It's in February 2011.

If you haven't guessed the date yet, well let me inform you then. Our wedding registration will be held on the 14th of February 2011, Valentine's day. It's slotted for 2pm. It's going to be an easy date to remember, and the best thing is, I can celebrate my anniversary and Valentine's day at the same time in the future!

The lady checking to make sure I am legal to marry.
Taking up the chance to get a quick picture.
Me at Thean Hou Temple
Wedding registration procedures in Mandarin
We paid a fee of RM120 and after a few quick pictures, we were on our way to Kotaraya KL area. The reason? We wanted to go to this famous shop to get some auspicious dates for our chinese wedding ceremony dates. The shop's name is Loh Tim Kee, the charge to get the dates was RM100, plus a few wedding accesories included and heaps of chinese hokkien tradition advice. It was money well spent as we got some very good dates and both sides of our parents have agreed to it.

Loh Tim Kee
Phase 2 to obtain my marriage certificate was over. The next hurdle would be on 14th February 2011. I have a very good feeling over this year 2011.


  1. Thanks Mr Servant. :)

  2. going to get marry this year ker?..Congratulations bro!

  3. Congrats.. haha!! Happy Marriage!


  4. hey i love thean hou too!


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