Malaysia And Singapore Telco To Lower Rates

While checking out one of my friend's blog, I happened to stumble upon this news about lower roaming rates for Malaysia and Singapore telecommunications provider. A quick check at confirmed it.

Our Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim was quoted as saying telecommunications operators in both countries had agreed to lower their charges by up to 30% for calls and 50% for text messages. This will happen in two months time. Dr Rais further mentioned that his Singapore counterpart had agreed and that it would cover text messages, voice calls, and mobile data charges. Our very own prime minister Najib further touched on this at the 10th Asean Telmin Dialogue Session.

Najib delivering his opening speech at the 10th Asean Telmin and Related Meetings with dialogue partners in Kuala Lumpur Thursday.


Now this would be good news to us. If anybody had gone overseas before, be it for business or pleasure, and activated their roaming service on the mobile phone, the subsequent bills that arrive at home can really hurt. A 1 minute call during roaming can go up to RM 8 or more depending on which country we're in. Let's not touch the subject of mobile data roaming charges. I'll never activate mobile data roaming due to the exorbitant charges.

Now the dream is to make calling home from overseas and checking our blogs during our vacation overseas while roaming on the phone, cheaper and affordable without burning a hole in our wallets.


  1. Maybe they're feeling the pinch. Many people are facebooking or twitting these more calls or smses.

  2. yesss , thiss wht i waiting for :)

  3. @ Small Kucing : Hi !! :) yup, i'm glad to hear that too. Thanks for visiting and commenting ya!

    @ Suituapui: True, nowadays less teenagers call, they rather sms. But for young excutives, the rates really have to be lowered for roaming.

    @ Farra: Hi Farra ! Hehe, do you travel a lot? Business or pleasure? :)


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