Linton University College, Mantin

Linton University College, Mantin

I spent the major part of my Saturday over at this college. And why would I waste a perfectly good weekend to go all the way down to Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, some 70km away from my home. Well, I was following up from my efforts during the Star Education Fair 2011 last week. Two families were contacted and invited to the campus for a short campus tour.

Anyway there I was, donning a long sleeved shirt with a tie briefing the families and explaining the courses offered by Linton. I'm never going to get used to wearing formal shirts. It was my first time at the university, and I might say I was impressed. For a private college university, the whole campus area spans close to 190 acres.

Let me do a brief writeup on Linton University College. Its located in a university township near Mantin town in the state of Negeri Sembilan, at the crossroads between Kuala Lumpur in the north and Johore Bharu in the south.

Linton University College
The main lobby foyer on Linton University College

Under the management of Legenda Education Group, Linton University College was given the approval to run degree programs from University of East London, UK (UEL) and also Conventry University, UK. They were recently upgraded into University College status in March 2010 and was accredited to conduct Master Degree courses from University of East London, UK (UEL).

The university facilities were vast and complete, as below.

- 15 Lecture Theatres, with a capacity for 250 students
- 90 Lecture Rooms, with a capacity for 60 students
- 36 Tutorial Rooms, with a capacity for 25 students

- 18 Computer Laboratories, i.e. Networking, Multimedia, Programming and Open Laboratories
- 10 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Laboratories, i.e. Electrical Workshop & Electronic Laboratories, Power Laboratories, Control &  Instrumentation Laboratories and Power Electronics Laboratories
- 9 Mechanical Engineering Laboratories, i.e. Machine Shop, Project Room,
- Welding Workshop, C.N.C.
- 3 Built Environment Laboratories
- 2 Engineering Drawing Studios
- 2 Science Laboratories
- 3 English Language Laboratories with multimedia teaching aids
- 33 New Laboratory Set Ups

- Thirteen gazebos
- A man-made lake
- Student lounges
- Cafeteria (Lake view)
- Grocery shops
- Stationery shops
- Laundrette
- Recreational facilities
- Surau & Prayer Room for Muslim students
- Clinic (on-campus)
- A fleet of transportation vehicles comprising three 44-seater air-conditioned  buses, vans and cars to cater for students’ transportation needs

Linton University College
The Library

In terms of facilities, this college university is complete, and from the education degrees standpoint, where else can we get a UK degree with an affordable price? Since the university has government support, all students are eligible to take up the government loan (PTPTN) for the duration of the course. In fact, the college university is offering free hostel apartment room stays for the course duration, be it 3 years or 4 years.

More information can be obtained from the Linton College University's website.

Linton University College

I was there until 2pm from 10am. It can be really tiring explaining to the parents about Linton's courses, accreditation, and registration process, but I'm taking it as an experience, a learning experience.



  1. Currently tow sectors are making ton$ of money. Hospital and Private University as they are mushrooming in a fast speed with nice environment and most of them would have man-made lake its if fengshui or water goes well with studies?

  2. Nice place. You doing promo work for them? Thought you're employed by some engineering or electronics firm?

  3. @ Bananaz: yep, there are so many private universities now, but all are modern and nice. I guess the man made lake is just for promotional purposes, not too sure on fengshui though.

    @ suituapui: I personally like the place. I am employed by a semicon factory. I'm just helping my uncle since he's the sales and marketing director for this Uni. Part time and there's some side income to be made, so why not? :P

  4. Common Sense1:40 PM

    Bananaz: If nature can create a better state of mind that is conducive for studying, than wheter a lake is man made or God made, both are an added value for students apart from airconded libraries. And it applies not only for linton, but 4 all colleges which has nature's touch. Tq

  5. Anonymous8:44 AM

    This is too "advertorial", and it might mislead students. How are their academic staffs? Do they have good publication records? What is the student-lecturer ration? Number of tutorials per week? Number of international students? % of students with 3Bs, 3As in their A level who enroll into the university? Rating by MYRA? Rating by SETARA? Nice library? How many books? Subscriptions to Emerald, Science Direct, IEEE? Did you randomly key in some book titles in their library database to see if the books are available

    Obviously you are being paid to write the good things about Linton without the slightest care about students' future or welfare.

  6. Anon,
    Unfortunately I wasn't paid to do this post. I'm basing my writeup from the university website and my first time experience walking around the university. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Ayad Jahangir1:39 AM

    Hey Guys how r u all doing ??

    Can you tell me is Linton University is a good university because im gona take admission soon enough and i would like to know all the advantages and disadvantages so that i could take my decission.



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