Is Facebook Shutting Down?

I actually snickered when I read all the blog posts mentioning that Facebook is shutting down. Won't that be great, all of us would have so much more free time on our hands that we could think of more ways to cause anarchy to our already messed up world.

The exact date Facebook is to be shutdown was quoted to be on March 15 2011. A few smiles later, I  then decided to check out the popularity of this on google. Guess what I found, in google trends, this sentence "Is Facebook Shutting Down?" is rated as Volcanic! Hot, definately hot news.

Volcanic hotness
But seriously, I doubt the validity of this news. Come on, the site has more than half a billion of active users, and from what I read Facebook recently just got a $500 Million dollar investment from Goldman Sachs (A full-service global investment banking and securities firm).

Anyway, it's good fun, and to add to this fun, I decided to add my two cents and contributed to more postings on the topic "Is Facebook Shutting Down?".


  1. btol ke smua tu..sibuk jugak org duk bkata2..alah xbest la mcm nie.. :(

    im following u :P

    Meh singgah: Bile Cik Deela dpt Perfume!

  2. @ken: yup I know it ain't true. Just pointing out it's volcanic on a scale of hotness in the google trend. :)

    @fadhdeela: hi!! Thx for dropping by and commenting. Will follow u back. :)


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