If I Were In Burlesque

A week back, I joint another one of Nuffnang's contests to win movie tickets. This time, the contest was fairly simple. All we had to do was to leave a comment in their website by completing the sentence "If I were in Burlesque, I'd be a star because..." as creatively as possible.

It sounded simple, but it gets harder if you're a guy. Come on, the stars of Burlesque are mostly ladies, beautiful ladies, so how does a guy become a star in Burlesque? Well, my comment for the contest entry is as below. Don't laugh too loud.

If I were in Burlesque, I’d be a star because I’m just like the girl who started from scratch, and climbed her way up to the top! However I’m the male version of the hot chick Christina Aguilera, let’s refer to me as the cool HUNK, Isaac Aguilera! 

Initially, nobody would even notice me serving up their drinks as the bartender. Oh, I haven’t told you yet? In Burlesque, I start off as the bartender, shaking up those cocktails while moving to the rhythm of techno, electronic, and pop music. 

Yeah, then it dawned upon me one fateful day that I deserve to have a spot with those guys prancing on the stage. Come on! I’m a much better dancer and singer than they’ll ever be. My moves on stage is beyond comparison. 

To cut the tale of Isaac Aguilera “The Star” short, I caught the eye of Burlesque’s owner, and the rest was history! I’ve graduated from the bar, to the gliterry stage, showing all of my superstar moves. Can you hear the crowd scream my name?!

Thanks to Nuffnang, I'm going to be able to catch another movie premiere this coming 7th February 2011, and the movie is Burlesque!

Invitation Email from Nuffnang

Check out some of the pictures from Burlesque below.


Nifty moves


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wow first you are made us turned *green* with Green Hornet's sting and now with *Blur..* ooops Burlesque..haha. Enjoy the movie premiere..~;).

Isaac Tan said...

Haha. Blurrr....esque. Thanks for coming over my place bananaz!

Unknown said...

if i were a boy. HAHA :P

suituapui said...

Ah!!! I had a post on the Golden Globe winning theme song from this movie the other day:

Lucky you! Now you're going to see the movie.

Say hi to Robb... LOL!!!

wenn said...

wow..great! congrats!

Isaac Tan said...

@ Farra:

If you were a boy, you would b the prettiest boy ever!! Hehe

Isaac Tan said...

@ STP:

Yup! Saw your post. Hehe. I don't know Robb personally. Maybe I should just get to know him on that day. He's a nice guy right? :)

Isaac Tan said...

@ wenn:

Thanks so much wenn! Was lucky this round.

atie said...

so jealous!!! =(

Unknown said...

HAHA. wahh. if i were a boy, mesti gf keliling pinggang kan? HAHA :PPP

Cindy said...

So jealous. Y nuffnang doesn't hold premier screening in Ipoh? I never got chance for it....

domokun said...

waooo congratss!!!! XD nice one!!movie review is a must ya^^

Isaac Tan said...

@ atie: jangan jealous. Movie je, bukannya duit pun :)

Isaac Tan said...

@ Farra:

Gf keliling pinggang ke? Harap harap bukan bf keliling pinggang.

Isaac Tan said...

@ Cindy:

Oh, I'm not sure, maybe in the near future they will?

Isaac Tan said...

@ domokun:

Thanks!, sure will do a short review on it after watching it on 7th Feb :)