The Green Hornet Premiere

I just came back from the premiere showing of The Green Hornet sponsored by Nuffnang. Nuffnang was so generous as to give out these free tickets tonight. This was the 3rd premiere screening that I have attended in a row courtesy of Nuffnang, the first was The Season Of The Witch, second Faster and tonight's offering The Green Hornet.

Nuffnang Staff
Mr Ticket Issuer (Robb)

As usual I was there early, the ticket counter was to be opened at 8pm for the 9pm show. I reached at around 7.40pm.

The Green Hornet

This round I was lucky to be one of the first few in line, and got myself a cute little freebie. Only the first 10 or so in line got it. Until now I'm not really sure what it is, should be a torchlight of some sort. I'll need to get some batteries in it before it'll function. Have a look below.

The Green Hornet
Back to the movie, a word of advice, don't go into the cinema expecting The Green Hornet to be a "Batman" superhero type of movie. Instead think along the lines of "Rush Hour". The Green Hornet is an action comedy, with the emphasis being on comedy. We have Seth Rogan playing Britt, the green hornet character and Jay Chou playing his sidekick, Kato.

The movie starts off showing Britt being the regular playboy millionaire's son having a fun time in life, that it until his dad gets murdered. The bumbling goof then meets up with Kato who together with him starts off their alter egos as the green hornet and his sidekick. The sidekick does not have a name by the way, but Kato was the one who had to save Britt's behind all the time. Three quarters of the show had me feeling quite irritated with the way Britt playing the green hornet.

Anyway, moving along, the green hornet poses as the bad guys at first, in order to stop an even badder dude. There are lots of laughter throughout the movie as we see Britt goofing up all the way until the end where he suddenly shows his heroic side. I prefer Kato as the brilliant sidekick who invents the green hornet's cars, guns, gadgets and can fight his way against all the baddies.

Overall a rather fun movie to watch, but not very memorable. Jay Chou did a good job here portraying the cool sidekick, while Seth Rogan just comes off as being the funnyman. Somehow, I don't really fancy my green hornet superhero being played by a funny guy.

The Green Hornet


Unknown said...

whoaa !! isaac, u went alone eh? or with your gf? HAHA

Isaac Tan said...

eh? my #1 fan eh? :P not asleep yet? Went with my gf, 2 tickets maa hehehe.

Unknown said...

cehh perasan nya isaac nih. HAHA. wahhh~ just online and will sleep at 4 am. dont wory. haha. wiwieettt ada orang tu keluar dating . HAHA :P

Unknown said...

thanks for the review! i do want to catch this movie soon! awesome blog u have here! im still quite new at this blogging thing

Ernest Ng said...

great review! thanks for checking out my comics at my page:) no im not an artist. im just doing it for fun:) do let ur friends and readers know about my webcomic blog if u dont mind yea. just want to share some comedy around:)

suituapui said...

That's Robb (the ticket issuer). He was as fat as me...but so nice and slim now. Tsk! Tsk!

Jay Chau in the movie?, thanks! LOL!!!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

tQ for making us 'green' haha..STP you kidding me that guy is as round as you but now slim down? Why not you let him Robb off some fats from you and stay slim like him..lolz

Isaac Tan said...

@ Ernest:

Thanks for commenting! When do u plan to watch it? I find your comicblog very creative. U really have skills!

Isaac Tan said...

@ suituapui:

Thx for telling me his name stp!! I've always seen him issuing tics but never knew he's Robb.

I never knew how fat u were so can't compare much. Hehe.

The movie ok Lo. Jay chou's English quite ok.

Isaac Tan said...

@ Bananaz:

Lol! Green with ...?

wenn said...

wow..sounds interesting. Must go watch!

suituapui said...

Robb seems to be putting on weight though - used to look better and fitter than that. He has the photos of his fat days in his blog... I thought he looked like a younger version of me!!! LOL!!

domokun said...

wa..comedy i wana watch it badly already ><TT

Aduka said...

cambest je.. nak kene tgk ni..

Casley said...

i havent watch it.. ><

Isaac Tan said...

@ wenn:

Yup, if there's a chance just go and watch it. But it's just a mediocre movie if you ask me :)

Isaac Tan said...

@ STP:

Saw someone refering you as stp, so i guess i can use that short form. Lol. Oh, I don't know Robb, he has a blog?

Isaac Tan said...

@ domokun:

Helooooooooooooo! :) It's coming out soon in the cinemas. On 27th Jan if i'm not mistaken :)

Isaac Tan said...

@ Aduka:

Boleh tahan laa. Hahaha

Isaac Tan said...


Planning to watch it? :)