Freebies At Sungai Wang Plaza

Freebies! Who doesn't love freebies? Well, I was at Sungai Wang Plaza today, and it so happened at the centre court, there was an event organized by Circle Media sponsored by Wing Heong BBQ Meat. Unfortunately, this time, the freebies was for non-muslim only, as it contained BBQ dried meat.

Freebies At Sungai Wang Plaza
Queuing up and filling up the form

As usual, everytime I see people handing out free stuffs, yours truly will get curious and try to get one himself! So, I joint the queue which grew very long, very quickly. All we had to do was to fill up our name, IC and email id, and each of us got one bag with a slice of dried meat in it.

Freebies At Sungai Wang Plaza
Some of the CNY deco at SG Wang Plaza
Freebies At Sungai Wang Plaza
Free Stuff!

Now if only they have these type of events daily at all shopping complexes. Oh, this reminds me of the food section when I go groceries shopping where the promoters hand out free food samples!


Charissa said...

what do chinese call that meat again? bak kua? lol.
i love it. it's my almost-most-favourite part of any CNY dinner XD

• Stephanie C • said...

I wanna eat!

Isaac Tan said...

@ Charissa:

Hahaha, yep bak kua!! free some more.

Isaac Tan said...

@ Steph:

Can go get free slices from Sg Wang, they have it twice a day freebies giving i think. Haha. XD

suituapui said...

Free bak kua? Thank goodness it wasn't free ah kua - lots in the area...but not free, I'm sure. Maybe for young handsome young man like you, they give free lah. Hehehehehe!!!

Isaac Tan said...

@ stp:

Wahahaha, i'm not into ah kua sir, I'm more of the bak kua type of guy. LOL