De Palma Ampang Preview Of Linton University College

I was called to join in at an education preview conducted by Linton University College held at De Palma Hotel Ampang last Tuesday. The preview was scheduled to start at 8.15pm at level 1 of the hotel, Nuri 3 conference room.

It was my first time to these type of education previews and also my first time to De Palma Hotel Ampang. It's a pretty decent hotel, located in Ampang. A total of 26 families arrived to listen to the education talk conducted by my uncle Twinny. The hall was suppose to fit only 55 people, but we had up to 65 people hence it was packed. One family took an average of 3 seats comprising of the parents and their sons or daughters.

Education Preview
The talk went on for the next 3 hours. My uncle, the speaker have great skills in public presentation as he could keep the audiences' attention for 3 hours. Overall it was a good night, and I must say every family sitting there learnt a lot about the courses offered and also gained knowledge about our current education environment. As for me, I'm glad to be able to sit in and learn how to give a good public speech. I wonder when will it be my turn?

Full house


  1. Your turn is on the way..

  2. @ Bananaz:

    I'm not a good speaker. Might freak out if I was to be placed on stage. :P But thanks for the vote of confidence.

  3. I stayed at De Palma...twice before. Ampang Point next door - used to love the Taiwan beef noodles at a Shabu-shabu shops there. Dunno if still there - that was so long ago.

  4. @ suituapui:

    So how was the stay? i guess it's ok. Not a very high class hotel, but it looks comfortable.

    Eh? got shabu-shabu stalls? damn, I'm so out of touch with the area there. Will go look see look see soon.

  5. Yup, nice enough, decent hotel - 3 star perhaps. The Education Ministry usually used hotels like that - Pearl International, Summit USJ...but sometimes we got Federal or Crown Princess... No complaints, all ok for me.


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