A Cute Yet Useful Cubelike Thingy

Today at the office, I happen to pass by one of my colleague's desk, and this colourful cube like thing caught my eye. It looked like a toy, but at the same time I couldn't find the fun part of it. Have a look below.

The Toy?
Now what comes to mind when you see it? I came to a conclusion that it was a decorative item, just for decoration to be placed on one's desk to liven up the office environment. It wasn't until I took it in my hands and played around with it that I found out the use of this colourful thing. It's meant to house 4 highlighters! Check it out below. I find it quite innovative, an upgrade from your normal highlighter pens.

4 Coloured Highlighters

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  1. laaa..
    highlighter rupe2nyee..

  2. Cute highlight pen. Get it from where?

  3. Ohh its a highlighter... Hey cute la..where to buy?

  4. Creative way to advertise their own company with highlighters.

  5. Pharmaceutical companies are very creative with their goodies!!

  6. @ Aduka: Haha, highlighter saja. Ingat yang tu bola bola ping pong? hehe.

    @ Small Kucing: My colleague told me it was a gift from a friend, I think it was a free gift from one of the vendors or some company named Binozyt

  7. @ MsXerox Nicole: haha yup, it's veryyy cute! :D But unfortunately i do not know where to buy it :(

    @ Bananaz: Ya, creative, catches people's eye due to its bright colors. That's how it caught mine! :)

    @ Lupie: Ohhh, so that's what Binozyt is, it's a pharmaceutical company eh?

  8. I had one highlighter house which was rounded.

  9. @ wenn: it must look very unique as well. :) round round like a ball.

  10. Eeeee....so nice! Can use as paperweight some more. So far, those complimentary ones that I got - flower-shaped. Petals of different colours - those you can pull out, they're the highlighters.

  11. waa..awesome..i never knew it was highlighter lol cool eh!! so many colours also XD

  12. @ suituapui: hehe, very nice hor. Pity its not mine. Haha can see, can touch, but cannot play.

    @ domokun: I also never knew it was a highlighter at first. Was just holding it, then throw it up in the air and catching it like a ball. Haha.

  13. @ Norasiah:

    Ahaks! I nak gak, bukan aku yang punya :P

  14. Anonymous7:29 PM


    serius unik. boleh dijadikan hiasan. and at the same time untuk diguna :)

  15. @ fatynadia:

    :P pity it's not mine. I could find it useful as well. ehhe


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