The Cute Present

My birthday was on 29th Dec last year, and it's already been 17 days since my birthday. Well, yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine suddenly passed me a pinkish red plastic bag. What is this?, I asked. Well it's your birthday present! Oh, thanks!

How sweet is that? I wish I can get presents every week, one present a week for the whole year. But that's wishful thinking. Anyway have a look below at the rather cute wrapping the present was packaged in.

A Vochelle chocolate was included. Yum!
Cute packaging
There was a chocolate bar included as well. Now who doesn't love chocolates? I know I do. The wrapping looked too nice to be opened, but I had to do it finally, to see its content. Finally after fiddling with the wrapping, the contents were revealed.

My present
It's a Levi's leather wallet, the suede type of leather! Now that's a very useful gift to give. I shall keep it until my wallet breaks down. Thank you my friend for the sweet and thoughtful present. Even though its slightly late, but better late than never. Thanks !!


  1. Now who gave you that? u + me = 4ever... Does your missus know? Better give me that wallet before she finds it! Wink! Wink! Muahahahaha!!!!

  2. LOL! damn, you really have a good eye on details. I did not even notice the wordings on the wrapping. :P

  3. awww,,, cute gitu~ sape bagi?

  4. hai ! thx n happy belated befday!

  5. hai...happy belated besday..

    i follo ur blog...


  6. happy besday..
    nice wallet..

  7. Oooo...hadiah dari Cik Aish ke? Hoot! Hoot! Muahahahahaha!!!! Gee! I'm so kaypo chee one hor! LOL!!!

  8. Happy belated birthday..nice wallet


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