Cheap And Tasty Chinese Dishes At Wangsa Maju

I just had to blog about this place, especially now with the increase in food prices. For the past few months, I've been eating my dinner more times than the occasional treat at this roadside chinese restaurant / coffeeshop. The restaurant is located in section 2 Wangsa Maju KL, in Taman Desa Setapak. To be exact it's just beside Guardians.

Anyway, I had my dinner there again, ordering my favourite, which was the sweet and sour fish. Have a look below on the portion, I ordered the smallest portion because there were only 2 of us.I love the way they cook the fish, crispy on the outside, yet we still can taste the tender fish meat inside.

Sweet and sour fish
We ordered 1 plate of rice to share, because the serving of the rice is huge to say the least. For me, I am not able to finish one plate of their rice. We only ordered 2 dishes because if we had ordered a third, it would have been too much! The second dish was the "Kong Pou Toufu", also the smallest serving. The toufu tasted great, but a tad too little.

Kong Pou Japanese Toufu
I could eat here everyday. The reason being, they actually cater for the students living nearby and the prices are really very reasonable. Wangsa Maju is home to hundreds of students who study in nearby colleges, majority from UTAR (Tar College). The total damage for tonight was just RM 12.80 for two. Rm6 for the fish, RM6 for the toufu, and 80 cents for the rice. Pretty reasonable if you asked me.


  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    hey u know.. im craving for chinese food now. haha!

    sangat teringin nak makan dim sum yg HALAL..
    susah la nak cari..

    last year i was at hkong. makan dekat restaurant halal.. miss all the chinese food. :)

  2. @ Cik Reena:

    wow, best nya pergi sampai hongkong! wooot!

    Do they have halal chinese food in KL? I think they have, but i'm not sure where it is. ^^

  3. Name of the restaurant is C&G? Cheap & Good!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:13 PM

    im not really sure la kan..
    but sometimes, i blaja sendiri masak ala2 chinese style juga..
    nak blaja buat dumpling, tapi dunno how. harus google the recipes..

  5. wow.. im starving here.. sorry late bw here.. thanks for coming. definately i will follow u back.. thanks pal :)

  6. grr.. macam best je makanan tu. lainkali makan ingat orang kat sini okay? HAHA :PP

  7. my son loves sweet n sour fish/pork..

  8. wow...that is more than reasonable...even cant get this price in kampung

  9. I think I know the place...used to go there once in a while with friends when I was a TARCian. But unfortunately, the taste doesn't suit me. :(

  10. Waiyor...two persons - spend so little on food, kongsi-kongsi, share-share some more, so jimat. Mesti kaya-raya like that. Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. The food looks good...but the tofu dish so messy. Ah well, I've seen in restaurants, they just use the dish cloth/towel to wipe the sides...and then serve. More presentable but dunno the cloth clean or not. Eyewwwww....

  12. ada chinese muslim restaurant kt Uptown damansara..sebelah nasi ayam hailam i think..could not recall the name of the restaurant..but i love to go there..they cook variety of chinese food..there are also chinese muslim stall kt PJ..<--also tak tahu SS brape..haha..i eat there once on lunch time!got nasi campur with chinese sytle of lauk!nice one!

  13. desa stpk!! thats nearby.. i shud try this out then!! =P

  14. Really cheap, but looks good!


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