Celcom Sim Card Failure

How long does an average postpaid simcard, or any simcard for that matter lasts? A year, 5 years? I find it amusing that in recent years, I've faced multiple simcard failures. A total of 4 sim cards died on me, and 3 of it weren't even mine, but of my supplementary lines. I'm using Celcom Postpaid by the way.

Sim card #1 - (Main number) Died on me after 2 years of usage in 2010.
Sim card #2 - (1st supplementary number) Died on my dad after 8 months of usage in 2010.
Sim card #3 - (2nd supplementary number) Died after 6 months of usage in 2010.
Sim card # 4 - (Main number) Died on me after 5 months of usage in 2011.

All the time these simcards were housed in their respective phones. In my case, it never left my iPhone. So how does it just die off? Ok, maybe I might have used my iPhone too extensively, but how do you explain the other 2 cases. My dad rarely uses his phone, and the majority of his calls were from family members.

Celcom Sim Card
My dead Celcom simcard

Due to this, I had to face the inconvenience of driving to the Celcom branch in Ampang, braving the traffic jam, just to replace my simcard. For all my troubles, I could not get a direct answer from the personnel in charge when I asked what went wrong with my simcard. Celcom doesn't even take back the spoilt sim for failure analysis.

Currently Celcom only warrants the first sim card failure, subsequent failures will be charged. I wonder if other telecommunications companies (Digi, Maxis) faces this same issue? 


  1. sim card chap ayam tuh... hahaha..

  2. @ Aduka:

    Hahaha. Mungkin kot. =x

  3. Mine's the yellow man...and I've had the sim card and the same hp number since dunno how many years already... No problem at all. You buy from Ah Long - pirated cheap one eh? Muahahahaha!!!!

  4. @ stp:

    where for pirated one? I support original only! Hehehe.

    Maybe they made sim cards with better materials in the past.

  5. i have been using maxis SIM card for more than 5 yrs and so far tarak problem. Hmmm...maybe celcom use lauyar material?

  6. @ Small Kucing:

    I agree! Celcom really louyar! Hehehe. But then i cant change because I have too many supp line under me..

  7. Anonymous7:55 PM

    yeap same problem... Celcom sim card always could not be detected...
    all this while i thought it was a phone problem...
    can't make calls and can't receive, but it still shows celcom on the screen...

    celcom sim card sucks

  8. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Just bought celcom first gold plan today, after 2 hour use of browsing, the sim goes "no sim" 'emergency call only'. Crappy material hmmm..

    1. Me too. Just activated 1 hour then 'no sim card' .. aduh...


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