Bonjela Gel For Swollen Gums

It's a brand new day in a brand new year ! I woke up today to a pain in my gums around my lower right wisdom tooth. I realized soon that my gums were swollen and covered up nearly half of my wisdom tooth, stopping me from clamping my teeth down without considerable pain.

It didn't stop me from going to work though. Before heading to work, I brushed my teeth taking special care not to aggravate the affected area. Then I rinsed it thoroughly with my trusty Listerine. It didn't really bring down the swelling though.

At around 4pm, I decided to pay a visit to the company doctor because the pain was getting really uncomfortable. As expected, the doctor could not identify the actual cause for the swelling, I should have paid a visit to the dentist instead. My thoughts were it was most likely caused by the heat. Happened to me before for the gums around my other wisdom teeths. Anyway, the doc prescribed some painkillers which I do not plan to take and this cute little tube thing called Bonjela.

Before I started using it, I did a quick check online to see what is it about. On the packaging, it was stated that "Bonjela is a fast acting gel for teething and mouth ulcers". From the web, I was educated in detail on what is Bonjela and its usage.

In a nutshell, Bonjela has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties which translates to relieving pain, reduces swelling / inflammation, and helps fight bacterial infection. Bonjela can be used for mouth ulcers, teething problems, denture sores, and gum swellings. In my case, gum swelling would be the main reason I was prescribed this Bonjela gel.

Bonjela Gel
The instructions read: Massage approximately one centimetre of Bonjela onto the sore area, and may be repeated every 3 hours. This was exactly what I did, rubbing the gums vigorously. The effects were immediately felt and noticed. The gel acted similarly to what dentists spray on our gums before teeth extraction. It numbs the gums. The taste wasn't exactly great, in fact it was bitter. I tried to not get any of it on my tongue.

After around 15 minutes of application, I could feel the pain subside. The swelling was still there though, but I can't feel it anymore. It's a good thing. Let's hope the swelling is gone by the time I wake up tomorrow.


  1. I use bonjela too! And its freaking painful ! :( but it do works . :D

  2. Hi Yee Ing. Haha. Most important thing is that it works!

  3. Updates: I think my gums are getting quite serious. May go look for a dentist very soon

  4. so did it work the bonjela gel? coz i think i got the same swollen stuff as u :( and i got it since 3 days and the pain is still there damn lol.. am gonna give it a try tomorrow and buy one

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