Ambersil Label And Sticker Residue Stain Remover

Have you ever encountered horrible stains and residues on your windscreens cause by stickers, double sided tapes, and our famous road tax? Those stains are a real pain in removing, as no matter how you rub or scratch at it, the residue still remains. Coupled with the fact that most of our car's windscreens are tinted, the possibility of scratching the tint is very high. So what do you do then?

Early this year, on the 2nd of Jan 2011 to be exact, I was honored to be a "heng tai" (brother) for one of my friend's traditional chinese wedding ceremony. As such, all brothers involved had to have a heart shaped red paper placed on their windscreen to indicate that they're with the bride and bridegroom's car. Well, to cut the story short, the double sided tape that they used to stick the paper on my windscreen left a very bad residue when the paper was taken out. The adhesive was strong and when exposed to the hot sun, clung to my tinted windscreen like glue.

I've tried various methods to get rid of the residue, but the more I rub at it, the worse it became and the stickiness spread even more. What have I tried? Well to name a few, I've tried using hot water, a rubber, my thumb, my nails, a blade, all to no avail.

I decided then to look for any off the shelf product to get rid of this stain. Went over to Ace hardware shop, and found this chemical spray product named Ambersil Label Remover.

Well, did it work? It worked like a charm, perfect. The solution that was sprayed out smelt nice, lime like. For one thing, there were no chemical smell. After applying on the residue stain, I just had to wait for less than a minute for the solution to soak in. The residue went soft and was easily rubbed off with my thumb. The texture was similar to a soggy tissue. Anyway I was glad I had the ugly stain off my car's windscreen, and would recommend this product to anybody having this same problem.

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