Won 2 Tickets To The Premier Screening Of Season Of The Witch

I'm feeling rather happy at the moment. The reason? I'm a winner! 2 free tickets to watch the premier screening of Season Of The Witch at The Curve next Wednesday.

A quick background on how and why I won these tickets? Well, Nuffnang Malaysia held a blog contest at its website. The prize?  2 free tickets to this cool movie. 60 lucky bloggers were chosen from a pool of 250+ blogs submission. I did a writeup for the contest on Christmas morning immediately after I saw this contest. Free movies, who wouldn't want it right?

Link to my blog post for this contest - The Season Of The Witch Is Here!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when my iPhone vibrated at 5.10pm today indicating I had received a new email. It was from Nuffnang Malaysia, informing me to confirm my attendance for this movie next week. The rest was history, and here I am blogging about it.

The email I received today.


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