Watsons VIP Membership Card

Today I so happen to drop by my friendly neighborhood shop Watsons Setapak. Don't get me wrong, it's not by any means my favourite hang out spot, but today I'm having a very bad sore throat and I figured a packet of Strepsils would definately help sooth my pain.

Since I was at Watsons, I took the chance to stock up on my toiletries as well, namely Colgate toothpaste, Nivea for men facial wash, and a Listerine mouth wash. There I was going up to the cashier to pay up when the cashier pointed out this Watsons VIP card promotion to me. Membership was at rm12, and it's membership for life, at least that's what the pamphlet states.

The thing that got me interested was they have this cute little cutout coupons (roughly 30pcs) of various discounts for items bought at Watsons. I saw they have an RM3 discount coupon for my Nivea facial wash, so technically if I were to get this card, I am paying only RM9 for it. After browsing through the other coupons, I realize there are a number of other items which I commonly use, and I can get discounts for it in the future. Weighing the pros and cons, I took up this membership. Have a look below.

Watsons VIP Card
Came home promptly after that to register online, it seems my new card will be credited with 200 points immediately if  I registered with them. Their website is at www.watsons.com.my , have a look if you're interested.

Watsons Card Registration Website

Till then..