Tron Legacy In Cinemas Today

What do you think of the movie? I haven't gone to the cinemas to watch it yet, however I feel it should be a good watch from the hype i read on the news. The original Tron movie was a hit in 1982, and made with a budget of USD17 Million, grossing well over USD33 Million.

This latest offering of Tron Legacy was made with a budget of USD200 Million and was released worldwide yesterday 17 December 2010. My guess is it will be a feast for the eyes with all the dazzling visual effects and graphics.

My plan was to watch it today, but work got in the way. Should I plan for a movie day tomorrow? Maybe I will. Watch out for my post after I've watched the movie.

In the meantime let me share some cool images of Tron Legacy.

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  1. story line sux...
    boring movie...
    visual effect still acceptable...
    nothing to lose if skip it...
    wasted my RM18.50 watched it in 3D

  2. Omg. It's that bad? I just bought tickets for later morning show. Rm18 for 2. Maybe they spend too much money on visual and no money left to get a good script writer.

  3. Just finished watching it, ok la, not bad la the story is simple, but i like the special effects. :)


Always appreciate the comments. Thanks!