Sunday.. A day of rest.

Woke up freezing to death. I guess this is what you get when you sleep with the hotel room windows open throughout the night. Brr..

Glitz Brochure

The plan today is to survive another day of walking around Genting Highlands. Found out the room entitles us to get 2 complimentary tickets to the night show "Glitz". Found some pictures off the net on this show as attached. Its a once a day show at 9pm. Hopefully it won't be a letdown.

While we are on the topic of Genting Highlands, I've always wondered if not for the casinos, what else is here. The theme park is so yesterday, everything looks like it is 30 years old. If compared Genting 5 years ago and now, I haven't noticed any changes. The buildings, routes, pathways are all the same. I wonder when will there be another major revamp of the whole place.

Have you ever seen one of this banners below? Or approached by one of the sales person standing around Genting asking you if you want to upgrade your Genting green world to silver world card.

Well I was approached by one sales person today, and I thought, why not? They only require 20mins of your time. I only knew much later this is one type of time sharing scheme.

Ok, so I followed her to this conference room where there are individual tables to discuss business. Got water and some sweets.

I was promised a free choice of complimentary gift ranging from free buffets at Genting hotel to room stays to free outdoor/indoor theme park tickets, etc. I chose the free buffet. Cause I love food!!

For the next 25 minutes I sat there listening to this lady talk about the scheme. It sounds cool, you get a silver Genting world card with all the perks. Plus you get to have free room stays worldwide when you go holidaying. Here comes the catch, to maintain it you have to pay rm330/year. Still sounds reasonable... Until they drop the bomb, the whole package costs rm25800!! I was like, is that so? Then she goes on about how I can use my credit card to pay monthly installments. But seriously, rm25k??

So there I was listening to this crap for 25 minutes. I declined graciously, and just mentioned I would like to take my complimentary buffet voucher and I'll be on my way. That's when the lady showed her ugly side. "you only sat for 25mins, to be entitled for the voucher, you need to fulfill 30mins", whoa! Like WTF? So there I was staring at her shocked, then I started making a scene. "I was promised a complimentary gift if I sat through your session." I think my tone of voice was noticed by the other folks at the other tables. The lady who attended to me was surprised at this, and hurriedly told me that I will get my voucher anyway. Great! I said. Check out the voucher I got below, I'll be going for a free buffet dinner at the Coffee Terrace Maxim Genting. It's a voucher for 2 persons.

Till then...

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