Saturday Night.. still At Genting

Aloha again peeps, it's night already. Let me do a quick recap what I did today. I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing, it's like my personal diary where I can document my thoughts. Nothing too personal though.

Today, reached Genting-check. Had dinner-check. Went walking around.

The 70% clothing sales at the convention centre is still ongoing. I think itll never end. It was here in may and it's still here in December. They're selling the same stuff.

Anyway since my Gf and her sisters love to shop, I just hang around this place. My interests are mostly on the shoes on sale. Hush puppies shoes are going for rm 199. However the designs are not to my tastes. There are cheap perfumes here too, but the brands are unknown and hence the quality unknown as well. The rest of the stuffs available here are ladies stuffs, eg purse, dresses, dresses and more dresses.

Moving on at around 8pm, I decided I wanted some "bak gua", my obsession took me on a trip on the cable car down to the midspan cable car station. It's a 20min journey down in the dark, pitch dark. Luckily i had company, i wouldn't want to sit a cable car alone in the dark.

Here I bought rm48 worth of bak gua for everyone to eat but its mainly for me though. *grins* Anyway it got me wondering. Why aren't there any shops selling "bak gua" in Genting Highlands?? That's when it hit me, I've never actually seen any pork-made food up here. Probably it's not allowed. Pity though, a shop selling this would make a killing profit from the everyday crowds thronging Genting.

On the left would be the packaging my "bak gua" came with. 2 packs of 300gm each, one sliced whole meat, one minced meat.

Nice paper bags from Loong Kee. =)

Reached back the hotel room at 11pm, will post tomorrow for anything interesting going around my personal space.

Till then..

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